8 Great Songs About MOM

by: Kidman J. Williams

Mom fed you. Mom clothed you. Mama wiped your nasty little butt for you so you didn’t have a rash and stink up her apartment. She sacrificed her youth, beauty, and maybe even a few dreams of her own to make sure that you grew up to achieve your own happiness life.

Make sure to love your Mom every day of the year. If you really love her, maybe you might want to dedicate one of these great songs to her on Mother’s Day this year. These are the 8 great songs about mom for Mother’s Day.

1. House of Gold-by Twenty One Pilots

In 2013 Twenty One Pilots came out with the album Vessel. A great album which spawned the successful Mama single and hit video, “House of Gold.”

Every little kid has that conversation with their own Mom, “Mama, when I’m rich I’ll buy you Fill in the blank here.” It is the heart of every young scrappy lad that just wants to help the special woman who brought you into this world.

The real draw to this song is the simplicity of it. The connect to every man young and old. Mom asks will the son take care of her when his Father dies and Tyler Joseph answers his Mother with a resounding yes.

2. Mother-by Pink Floyd

This isn’t the traditional lovey wubbie boo boo baby Mom songby any stretch of the imagination. Pink Floyd included “Mother” on The Wall released in November of 1979. It was a rock opera of sorts about a disillusioned rock star who checks out from society and puts up a wall around himself.

The mother in this song doesn’t exactly give you the warm fuzzies like June Cleaver or Lily Munster.

Roger Waters once told Mojo magazine in December 2009 “The song has some connection with my mother, for sure, though the mother that Gerald Scarfe visualizes in his drawings couldn’t be further from mine. She’s nothing like that.”

He also told the press, “If you can level one accusation at mothers, it is that they tend to protect their children too much. Too much and for too long. This isn’t a portrait of my mother, although one or two things in there apply to her as well as to I’m sure lots of other people’s mothers.”

He is so sweet.

3. Mama Tried-by Merle Haggard

The legendary Merle Haggard. He wailed in this song about a kid who refused to listen to his mama and landed himself behind bars for life.

Mama tried despite doing everything right. She took him to church and tried to teach him right, but his rebel soul just had to learn the hard way after his Father died. The lesson here, your Mom will do everything despite her own health, well-being, and even her own mental health.

Remember that next time you want to do something stupid.

4. Always on the Run-by Lenny Kravitz

Before Lenny Kravitz was known by Millennials and Zennials around the world as Lady Jay’s stylist, he was Lenny Kravitz the Rockstar!

Mama Said, released in 1991 was a commercial success for Kravitz. The son of actress Roxie Roker who played Helen Willis on the hit TV sitcom “The Jeffersons” and son to film and television producer Sy Kravitz. He had a strained relationship with his father, but was close to his mother Roxie.

The first single off of this great album was the Mama inspired song “Always on the Run” and featured Guns ‘n’ Roses guitar virtuoso Slash. It was about another rebellious boy who thought he knew better than his Mommy. Usually that doesn’t seem to work out so well.

Kravitz himself said that “The lyrics are about how my Mom always wanted to give me her wisdom. She would want me to slow down sometimes to think and take things in. I was just on a crazy ride at the time and couldn’t slow down.”

5. Mama Liked the Roses-by Elvis Presley

“Mama Liked the Roses” was performed by “The King” himself, Elvis Presley and was written by John L. Christopher who also co-wrote “Always on My Mind.” It was off of the From Elvis in Memphis album, released by RCA Records on June 17th, 1969.

If you are looking to give your Mama “the feels,” definitely play this one for her. Young and old, it doesn’t matter, when Elvis opens his mouth everybody and everything in the physical world melts into him.

6. Dear Mama-by 2pac

How can you deny Pac on a list of songs about mothers? It would be criminal. Maybe not as criminal as Shug Knight, I mean this list isn’t dangling Vanilla Ice from a top floor balcony or anything like that, but still.

“Dear Mama” was the first single released on February 21, 1995 off of Me Against the World. This was 2pac’s third studio album.

This was the song that showed the real heart of 2pac. Get past all of the drama in the song. Pac talked about hustling in the street, he spoke of jail time, and drug abuse; at the core this song is purely about unconditional love for his Mother.

7. A Song for Mama-by Boyz II Men

This wouldn’t, this couldn’t, there is no way that this could be a list of songs about Mothers without this beautiful letter of love, adoration, and reflection. Boyz II Men really just poor the sentiment out in this 1997 hit written and produced by Babyface.

This is the song that any boy would pick to dance to with his Mama at his own wedding. This is the song that you play to make your Mama blubber and weep about the years that she gave to you, good and bad; trust us, she wouldn’t trade it for a minute.

8. Mama Told Me Not to Come-by Three Dog Night

“Mama Told Me Not to Come” was written by American singer/songwriter Randy Newman. The song was originally written for Eric Burdon’s (The Animals) first solo effort in 1966. As great as Burdon is, the song is lukewarm at best. It was 1970’s version done by Three Dog Night that smashed the doors down with this song about heeding Mama’s warnings.

The song was about a sheltered young man who was about to embark on a great adventure by attending his first huge party. What the little square peg didn’t know that his Mama did know, is that he was jumping in WAY over his head.

Mama knows best kiddos. But then again, what is the fun in that?

The song was such a huge hit for Three Dog Night that it hit certified gold in less than a month. It also was named the number 11 song of 1970 by Billboard and it was ranked the number one song on the very first American Top 40 with Casey Kasem on July 4th, 1970.

Honorable Mentions

Mama Said by The Shirelles. Mama by the Spice Girls. Mother’s Little Helper by The Rolling Stones. Mom by Earth Wind and Fire. Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton. Mama I’m Coming Home by Ozzy Osbourne. A Mother’s Love by Kem. Mom by Meghan Trainor.

Now, I’m sure I have missed some great ones and I’m sorry (sort of) if I missed your favorite. If there is one you really feel should be on this list, comment on Facebook and Instagram like everyone else. Tell me how horrible I am for missing your personal favorite.

MOST OF ALL… Happy Mother’s Day everyone.