we’re on a mission from God

– Elwood Blues

GonzoToday is a collective of writers and artists dedicated to promoting self-expression and freedom of speech and provides a platform for truth and artistic creation. We believe that self-determination, individual liberty and freedom of expression should be viewed as basic human rights, essential to achieving our full potential as individuals and as a species. We support tolerance of all people and respect for alternative beliefs and opinions.  We condemn the censorship of speech or ideas; the exploitation of the planet’s resources or inhabitants; and bigotry, discrimination or oppression against any person, group or world view.

Because truth is an exceedingly rare commodity in journalism, politics and everyday social discourse, we promote and encourage independent thinking, critical reporting and coverage of any and all issues, including those classified, concealed or controversial.

Lastly, we support and celebrate the artistic self-expression of all human beings and strive to promote and further that expression wherever we may find it. We believe self-expression to be the ultimate self-determined act of a free person and one of the bastions of personal freedom that we have sworn to uphold.

GonzoToday places value on the individual and not the dollar. Our mission is to provide an alternative model to corporate mainstream media, which operates under one fundamental difference: the currency we use to measure our bottom lines.

GonzoToday does not use money as its bottom line measure of success. Its projects, resources and efforts are achieved through a concept of communal bartering and shared exposure. We provide opportunities and resources for people to produce content that might not be allowed in traditional media, with a freedom of speech and expression unparalleled anywhere in the media industry. We provide shared affiliate networking; syndication within the growing community of GonzoToday sites, personalities and contributors; and the ability to get involved in projects and collaborations that are usually closed to most creative talents.

If you would like to add your voice or contribute in any way to GonzoToday, please submit your experiences, observations, opinions, art, fiction, poetry, music, interviews, reviews to GonzoToday.  Submission Guidelines  

If you have comments about our content, complaints or suggestions on ways we can improve GonzoToday.com please email us at contactgonzotoday@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

– Clayton Luce, Founder & Publisher 2015