Can Kennedy’s Camelot Conquer?


The candidates are revving up for the dethroning of our near catatonic, catastrophic, military run President, good ole Joe. We as a country are well aware of the looming Donald Trump population of voters, and we don’t quite know about the DeSantis campaign yet. Although stones have been thrown between the two conservative runners; even though Ron DeSantis was once a bootlicking Trump supporter, the former Trump clone (without the economic knowhow) is riding his own popularity (due to his pro-freedom during the pandemic). DeSantis has now distanced himself from the once mighty Trump and his tower.

There is a new heavyweight beginning his hopeful journey despite his family’s distaste for his decision to run for President of the United States of America. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has filed the paperwork in hopes of winning the primaries and dethroning President Joe Biden.

Yes, you read that correctly. Bobby Kennedy’s son has made the decision to raise Camelot from the rubble and he seems to want to pick up where his father and uncle (John F. Kennedy) left off.  

Kennedy is well-known for his triumphant environmental actions, like cleaning up the Hudson. He is a staunch anti-war/anti-military complex advocate, and he is not afraid to go against his own political party on the vaccination controversies, a stance that DeSantis and Kennedy both could potentially agree on.

The question is, can a bipartisan Democrat survive in the 2024 political landscape? Can a Kennedy survive the eighteen-wheeler carrying the military complex at full speed towards him?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the Issues

Kennedy posted the quote above on his Twitter account on April 19th. It was answered with an astounding sum of public support. Kennedy is just a bit under one million followers, but he is still growing. When was the last time you heard a presidential hopeful say that he wasn’t going to “pretend to agree with you on every position?” The question really is… can Kennedy beat out the overwhelming popularity of DeSantis or Trump? Will Kennedy be able to hang with Biden and Williamson? Will the system allow Bobby Jr. to even be a part of the conversation or will he be pushed aside, much like Tulsi Gabbard in 2016?

Here are some facts about Robert Junior:

  • Kennedy was named Time Magazine’s “Hero for the Planet” for his successful fight in restoring the Hudson River. That group achievement spawned over 200 Waterkeeper organizations across the planet.
  • Harvard University graduate – studied at the London School of Economics – law degree from the University of Virginia Law School where he earned a Masters in Environmental Law
  • New York Times bestselling political author of “Crimes Against Nature (2004), “The Riverkeepers (1997), and “Judge Frank M. Johnson Jr: A Biography (1977).
  • He speaks out against the military complex and makes the bold claims that both his uncle and father spoke against.
  • He assisted many indigenous tribes in Latin America and Canada with negotiating treaties to protect traditional homelands.
  • He is an opponent of vaccines.
  • Lobbied against a California state pro-vaccine bill which would limit medical exemptions without approval from a state public health officer.
  • In February 2021, the Meta owned, Instagram banned Kennedy for “spreading false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines.” Facebook said, “We removed this account for repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines.”
  • He tweeted, “If I run, my top priority will be to end the corrupt merger between state and corporate power that has ruined our economy, shattered the middle class, polluted our landscapes and waters, poisoned our children, and robbed us of our values and freedoms.”
  • Kennedy is a supporter of LGBTQ rights and marriage.

Discrediting a Kennedy

There isn’t a whole lot about Kennedy’s platform quite yet, still a little early. We do know that he believes that the lower and middle class have disappeared at a rapidly rabid rate since the beginning of COVID. Kennedy has made it well-known that his “top priority” is to rectify that situation. He has a proven track record fighting for the environment. There’s very little information about his tax plans as of yet. There is not much on any of his platforms.

We do know that the majority of the press are already trying to dismiss the presidential hopeful by calling him out as a “conspiracy theorist” when it comes to his beliefs about vaccinations. It is the one thing that the public is going to see the most. The media is heavily riding on this, mostly because they don’t have much of anything else to discredit him with.

Every single article that you are going to read is going to start with something about him being anti-vaccine. Politico, when announcing his campaign started with the line, “The anti-vaccine activist is vying for the Democratic nomination.” After announcing his more famous relatives, they reiterate.

“Kennedy, an outspoken anti-vaccine activist and the chair of the anti-vaccine nonprofit group Children’s Health Defense, is the second Democrat to officially enter the 2024 race.”


C-SPAN after stating again about his more famous legacies spoke highly about his running and challenging “the connection between government and corporate power, press for greater economic equality, and heal the nation’s political divides.” The next sentence stated, “He also talked extensively about his vaccine skepticism and criticisms of handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

They were a little nicer.

The Hill, much like every other publication starts their piece the same way, they talk about his lineage and then they state that “the centerpiece of Kennedy’s political presence is as an anti-vaccine zealot.”

Some may not put a lot of worth into that statement, but not only are the vaccine issues not his “top priority,” he even states that; a zealot gives a very negative connotation. In the journalism game that is what we call a passive opinion. They nicely called him a fanatical radical when it comes to vaccine controversy.

Kennedy is obstreperous about his views on vaccines and how the pandemic was handled. Kennedy has even accused public health experts like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates of collusion with “Big Pharma.” He called them profiteers and stated that all of the restrictions that the public was under during the COVID pandemic was “comparable to conditions under Nazi Germany.”

As outspoken as Kennedy is about vaccines and the alleged dangers, that is not all that he is about. He proves that with his actions. Personally speaking, if the only thing odd about him are his views on vaccinations, bring it on. We have dealt with worse from crazier.

I think we can all agree that we’d rather deal with an anti-vaccination candidate than a war mongering, Bible prophesizing, military driven madman ready to bring on WWIII. We are in need of a leader who can cool down our foreign tensions. A fighter who is bold. We need a leader that is intelligent enough to surround himself with advisors that are smarter than he is on issues that he can admit to knowing less about.

The real inquiry, is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that candidate and if he is, will they allow the Irishman to live?