Why Your Vote is Meaningless

July 1, 2024 0

So let’s eat, drink and be merry. But don’t come to me seeking my participation in the vote this fall. I will spend my remaining lifetime not voting for the lesser of two weasels.

The Biden

June 14, 2024 0

by Kidman J. Williams Did President Joe Biden and his people help send candidate and former President Donald Trump to court, probably not. If they did, does that make Trump less guilty… ABSOLUTELY NOT. Trump was as guilty as New York Representative Fred Richmond with his underage male prostitute. The […]

The Hyena & The Lizard (The Fight for Domineering Freedom)

June 11, 2024 0

The Hyena & The Lizard (The Fight for Domineering Freedom) by Kidman J. Williams The licentious Hyena was strapped with his power tie, his American Flag pin on his suit lapel, showing his hyper nationalism with his flag backdrop and matching suit; he was let loose on all media platforms […]

The Pets: On the Furniture

June 8, 2024 0

by D. Jeffurious From the hurried metroplex of Olney, Illinois. Home of White Squirrels and also a lasting punk legacy located south of Chicago in so many ways from the literal to the figurative, and the philosophical. Those who know, remember the glorious Toucan Slam. The band served as the […]