Jefferson: The Cowardice Clown Bitch

by Kidman J. Williams

Yes I did! I said it. You read that title correct. Since Thomas Jefferson’s parents didn’t bestow a grand middle name for him, he will now be called, Thomas “Cowardice Clown Bitch” Jefferson (for short, Tom-bitch Jefferson) from now until we can actually eradicate racism and slavery around this great blue and green marble we are all stuck together on.

There’s a lot of controversy when it comes to Tom-bitch. His history was decorated with great triumphs and it is riddled in contradictions and heavy indiscretions.

The Bitch Master General was not only the architect of our Declaration of Independence in this country, but he was also our second Vice President under Adams and our third President. We elected this well-educated bitch to the highest office of our country. This is not what made him a bitch.

I think we are all familiar with Jefferson’s accolades. From a young age in elementary school, we were taught that the Bitch Master General served during the Revolutionary War, not as a soldier, but in the Virginia legislature and the Continental Congress. He was also the governor of Virginia and led the first retreat. Jefferson also achieved success as a diplomat, a lawyer, an Ambassador to France, a musician, philosopher, and even an architect.

 None of these things culminate to him being a cowardice clown bitch.

Just keep reading. You’re almost there. This isn’t that long.

Image created by Kidman J. Williams

If you all read Donnie Casto’s piece “When Jefferson Said Equal He Meant Equal,” Casto portrays Jefferson and other founders as innocents in the long war for equal freedoms for minorities.

Now, I’m not saying that Casto was wrong on all fronts. I would never do something like that. There were many of our founders and framers that didn’t believe that black men and women should be enslaved. Bitch Boy Jefferson was one of those men that spoke out against it.

The problem is that where some of them never owned a slave like Roger Sherman, a bountiful amount did, including Jefferson.

Peculiar right?

This is the man that Casto said “he meant equal.” Much like a little quarter Jewish man with dark hair who killed many of his own kind, I guess Jefferson was a do what I say not as I do kind of a man.

George Washington freed his slaves and Benjamin Franklin saw the error of his cracker ass ways as well. What happened with the Baby Bitch Jefferson?

Like many professional boxers of the past Bitch Cakes was going broke and instead of standing by his words and declarations black men and women all of the sudden were property and dollar signs in his eyes again.

Weak willed Jefferson’s financial issues started with the death of his father-in-law in 1774. He ended up inheriting his debts, but this isn’t the sole blame. It was Bitch Cake’s feverish spending that put his morals into the old horse trough.

Jefferson was a bit of a Diva. During his presidency alone he spent $10,000 on French wine. That would amount to at least $150,000 in today’s economy.

He fervently spent on home furnishings, construction projects, and loans that he never saw a dime back on. The Panic of 1819 brought further financial woes to Tom-bitch Jefferson. That lowered property values making his own income inadequate and a huge risk.

After his eight years as POTUS, Jefferson’s money troubles worsened. Instead of freeing his slaves and stopping his sexual relations with at least one of them, he held on to them as property and stood by his questionable morals like a mighty racist Oak Tree.

As I was saying, instead of standing by his words he held onto his property and he jumped on board with a fundraiser to get himself out of debt.

It was too late by then. Jefferson died in 1826 as a man who threw his morals out of the window because he was scared of being broke. Tom-bitch Jefferson left his legacy as a slave owner and a hypocrite.

After his death, Jefferson’s grandson absorbed his debts. He sold everything. Tom-bitch’s whole legacy was sold to the highest and sometimes lowest bidders cementing a legacy for his grandfather as one of the country’s most morally weak leaders.