Album Review: Bad Mimosas


by: Kidman J. Williams

Band: Bad Mimosas

Album: Demo Album

Label: None

Rating: 1.2/5.0

Bad Mimosas are…well…they are a…have you ever dealt with a person who was A.D.D.? If A.D.D is something you are born with, much like being homosexual. You are just born with it. But if a person could be virally infected with A.D.D., Bad Mimosas are the band to give it to you.

The only adjective in the Queen’s English that comes to mind while describing this band would be reprehensible.

They are an assault on the senses. Let me rephrase that. They are Germany starting war…nope. They are like Ethiopia starting a war against the rest of the world. At least Germany had a chance in WWII until the Russians thinned them out.

This New Orleans based band Bad Mimosas is comprised of guitarist Michael Colomb, Joe Dominick (drums), George Deane (bass guitar), and David Desroche (lead vocals). I understand that typically a writer would start with the vocalist in a list like this, well there is a good reason I ended it with him.

Desroche is the part of this band that allows people to immediately connect with them, but when you have a short curcuit in the wiring it causes a very negative shock to happen.

In the email I was sent a link to a live video from February 26 of this year that shows the band and Desroche as he plays with his hair, and gives his generic rockstar poses while still needing to read his own lyrics off of a music stand in his notebook, and filling his set with screeches and off key notes.

Desroche needs to spend more time on practice and professional vocal training and less time worrying about telling women he is in a band while smoking and drinking his brain cells into submission.

The tracks I was sent via a link to Bad Mimosas’ Soundcloud had six songs on it that sound like they were recorded with a cell phone in the middle of the room with a cheap recording app installed on it, but even in spite of the opprobrious recordings the idea came through just fine.

The music itself is not a bad showing of skills by a very green band. The band is proficient on their instruments, but lack the experience in recording and arrangements.

The music song to song leaves you feeling like you have heard three different songs in one track sometimes.

For example, “Down and Dirty” does this musical change at about a minute and a half that sounds like a completely different track entirely while Desroche mumbles his verse ruining the bit of vibe that the band tries to convey.

This is not a one time writing mistake. Almost all the tracks are arranged in this way leaving you like you have a bad case of A.D.D.

The fact is that Bad Mimosas have a lot of musical growing pains to go through before they think that they could ever get a record deal offered to them. They have yet to really find their own voice and sound that is unique to them. They just have to make sure that their own egos and stubborn nature that a lot of bands tend to have doesn’t get in their own way of honest growth and love for what they do.