Why I’m Unvaxed and Proud 

Friend, or foe?

by Kyle K. Mann – Gonzo Today Contributing Editor and Publisher

If you are one of those people who believe the unvaxed should be forced, by using mandates and sanctions, to get The Jab and whatever the latest number is of additionally required booster jabs, then you are my enemy.

My foe. My nemesis. I defy you, and curse you, and vow to defeat you.

You, the militant pro-vaxer just dying to take away my freedoms. 

I adamantly reject the ongoing rush to authoritarianism, the outright rule of some people by others. 

The COVID madness started up two years ago. I wrote about it at the time. I never dreamed how bad it would get for me here in Los Angeles County. 

First we had lockdowns. I couldn’t even go for a walk outside in my local state park. Unbelievable! 

My job was history for most of 2020. Fortunately my unemployment benefits were augmented, one of the few times the U.S. government has done something right, so I was OK for money, unlike many of the less fortunate.

Then came the shaming and blaming campaigns in the media, an outrageous abuse that made it impossible to watch or read most of the internet or even listen to my car radio.

Voices questioning “the science” were muted, shadow-banned, and then de-platformed.

Driving on the freeway, I was bombarded by freeway traffic warning signs now co-opted for Big Pharma propaganda. 

I don’t trust Big Pharma and will not have their untested crap injected into my body. It’s that simple. 

“Have you had your vaccine yet?” my neighbor asks with an intrusive leer. I try to laugh him off.

“No, I’m afraid of needles. It’s a childhood phobia.”

I’m trying to give this idiot a graceful way to back out of this conversation, but he’s too indoctrinated to take a hint.

“But, but… aren’t you afraid, at your age, you will… Get It?”

OK that’s Strike Two buddy, I think. My age, indeed. I’m still trying to be cordial, but it’s an increasing strain. Good thing I have a mask on, because my smile would appear forced.

“Actually I don’t choose to take a shot of something that’s essentially untested. Maybe ten years from now.” I wave and turn away, hoping to disengage, but he shouts after me.

“It’s been proven to be completely safe!” I keep walking away. “Well, it’s your funeral!”

Strike Three, you ass. I’m staying as far from you as possible from now on.

Then came the mandates. I could no longer go to a restaurant in Los Angeles County without producing some “passport” to get in, showing I’d been vaxed and had the required boosters. 

Fortunately, the town of Topanga isn’t far from the Ventura County line. More reasonable politicians live in Ventura County. So I went there instead for dinner or drinks.

No concerts, the L.A. Symphony was closed to me (and as of June 21, 2022 still is.) Wow. That hurt. 

No comedy clubs. Couldn’t go see Jimmy Dore.

I had to start wondering what was next… supermarkets? 

Then came social events I was banned from, in various ways.

“Kyle, if you come to the birthday party, we want you to sit at your own table in back. You’ll be the only unvaxed person there.”

“No, I’ll pass,” I say slowly. “It’s OK.”

It’s not OK, I think, but I love these people. I have to hope their madness will pass.

Then it was my niece’s wedding. “Uncle Kyle, we paid for the reservation at the church before they told us proof of vaccination was required before entering the building.”

I was getting used to rejection, but this stung. “It’s OK,” I lied. My niece could tell it wasn’t.

“We’ll sneak you in,” she stated firmly. “We’ll find a way.”

“No, but thanks.” I’m touched by her concern. “If something goes wrong, it becomes a huge distraction.” She argued a bit but eventually agreed. But it still hurts.

International travel? Was thinking about visiting a pal in Italy. That’s out. He tried to talk me into getting The Jab. I laughed. “You actually trust Big Pharma, eh?” That stopped him.

Hard not to feel depressed with flashes of rage. But then came marches and protests, and then the mighty Canadian Trucker Convoy! Those Canadian truckers kept me sane. Finally, organized and undeniable proof I was not alone.

The Democrats had made this a partisan issue. Now, suddenly it was clear that not only did a third of the USA refuse Jabs, but that much of the middle third was having serious doubts. Boosters were down as reports came in of heart issues, myocarditis, people dropping dead, sports players on fields… wow. 

Then a double jabbed person close to me died. I can’t identify her, for personal reasons, and she did have other health issues. But she died in bed one night because her youthful “heart stopped” with her two vax cards nearby her bed. No, she didnt have COVID. She wasn’t even 30, a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her. I cried, really cried with sobs and fury, for weeks. 

I got back home from my trip to help her family and as I drove up toward my driveway saw a neighbor lady I had been dating before all the scamdemic crap hit. “I miss our movie dates,” I told her, “but I’m unvaxed, and just got back from dealing with the death of a young friend… she was double vaxed.” 

I knew her to be a Blue No Matter Who Democrat, but I thought she at least had good taste.

I was wrong. “Oh, I’m sure her vaccines had nothing to do with it.”

For moment I thought about stopping the car and bitch-slapping her face repeatedly. But I didn’t want to go to jail. 

“You don’t know that,” I managed to snarl through gritted teeth, and drove off into my driveway and out of her life. You want to permanently piss someone off, that’s the way to do it.

So, let’s sum up. I don’t know what the dangers of these vaccines are. Because I don’t know, I don’t want them in my body, and am outraged that other people want to figure out a way, any way, to get me to take The Jab. 

I do know the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was originally judged safe. Then in May 2022, doubts surfaced. Blood clots. How do we know what the overall situation will be in a year, two years, five?

But the reason I’m proud to be unvaxed has nothing to do with that.

No, it’s because I firmly stood my ground in the face of the most relentless propaganda campaign in history. Endless messages in the media. Scorn and ridicule from close friends and family. Shamed and called immoral. Isolation and loneliness. Missing special events that should have meant a lot in my life and that can never be recovered.

And if you think I should be sanctioned or punished, restricted or even fired from my job, as was proposed in the California legislature a few months ago, then I’m proud to be your enemy.

How dare you threaten my very means of livelihood, Assemblymember Buffy Wicks?

I think your bill was pulled when you all realized how out of touch you’d gotten, and there will be blowback in the elections later this year. OK, so you and your evil cronies lost that one. But still…

This means war.

Kyle K. Mann


June 21, 2022

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