World Premier! Do the Trump (with interview)

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[tonjoo_spb]Note: the following interview of Do the Trump creator Kyle was conducted by Dr. Rocket at 3 AM at Kyle’s Topanga residence.

DR: Why did you make this song?

Kyle: You might as well ask why I play the lottery.

DR: OK, why?

Kyle: Because there’s a small chance I might make money at it.

DR: So it’s all about the money?

Kyle: I admit I have fun writing and playing music.

DR: Hm. It’s you on all tracks?

Kyle: Yup, all vocals and instrumental tones.

DR: You play harmonica pretty good. Where’d you learn to to play it?

Kyle: When I was a kid, a long time ago. I just started playing, and kept practicing ‘till I was good enough to be in a band.

DR: Well, what band?

Kyle: It was called Beefy Red. Look it up on Wikipedia.

DR: Anything you’d do different on this track?

Kyle: Yeah, the drums are adequate, but I’d prefer John Densmore of the Doors or Burleigh Drummond of Ambrosia.

DR: Any chance of that?

Kyle: Dunno, haven’t asked. How come you only show up at 3AM?

DR: Who’s asking the questions here? How come it says Kyle Keilman on the video? I thought you were Kyle K. Mann.

Kyle: Does it matter?

DR: … uh, no. There a video to this thing?

Kyle: I gave a guy 500 bucks but nothing yet.

DR: Bwaaa Ha Ha! So what’s next?

Kyle: Yeah so if it goes viral I wanted to do a longer version, like a ten minute dance track. Originally I had Bill Paxton from Aliens cussing and saying “Game Over, Man, Game Over.” But he died so I took it out. I’d like to get back to that.

DR: Did you vote for Trump?

Kyle: Nope.


December 14, 2017



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