I work hard because it’s what I do


I work hard because it’s what i do.

I am far from well off, and basically live closely from check to check.
I really wish folks that promoted one sided thinking like this, could actually pay attention to the data about where their tax money goes.

The rich want the middle class to place the blame of their woes upon the poor. which then creates a rift between the classes. which then creates a slight of hand, making the middle class think that their money is being leeched by the lower class, when in fact it is being stolen by the upper class.

A person making 50,000 a year will only pay estimated $36 out of their taxes toward the food stamp program. how many middle class working families are pulling in 50,000? not many that I know of.

If the anger and rage over the welfare issue was actually pointed at those who are at fault, maybe the system will change for the better. Until then, if you feel this way, like the sticker states, please delete me.

PS-why is it that the majority (yes i am generalizing) of these bible thumping, hypocrites love to slap stickers, shirts, and all sorts of goodies to promote their “American Dream” way of life….while supporting all those fine Chinese companies who make the stickers, shirts, and what not.
The only time you should ever look down on someone, is when you are helping them get back up.

-Ryan Case

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