In the Wake of the Swine Generation

artwork by Josh Chambers

By; Maven Cade Leary

A lot of time and energy has been well wasted bitching and moaning about the swine generation that have overrun our corporations, enslaved our world, and subjugated the population to their corrupt agendas of total domination.

There is one factor I cannot help but consider, a rather grim prospect that leaves me perplexed, oddly uncertain.

What happens when all these swine bastards die away? What will happen to this insanely complex wheel of civilization, the intricate balancing act of the corrupt tyrants currently holding this thing together with tie wraps and duct tape?

Don’t get me wrong, I will not mourn the fall of their kind and the reptilian fight or flight mentality that seems to characterize them so well. No, there will be neither tears nor sorrow on my end. The world might finally be able to breath freely, listen to the masses, and work on making this world something we are all participants in, can all be proud of, and which is not simply a wild thrashing of violence, confusion, mass hysteria, and population control plots.

You see, my confusion comes from an honest analysis of the so-called Y generation, a generation characterized by the boomerang effect – leave home early, only to return to the nest and remain well into our thirties. Hell, we’ve been called, perhaps rightly so, the Peter Pan Generation, due to our lack of a clear rite of passage, an utter disregard for adult-like behaviours and tendencies.

We’re basically a bunch of rebels who never grew up, raised by baby booming hippies who sold out for personal security, and yet kept telling us to follow our barely coherent dreams of being rock stars and DJs, professional freaks without anything more serious to focus on than how to make a bunch of intoxicated animals sway with a bad baseline and mediocre melodies.

Let’s face it, we are a bunch of thirty year old party animals, more likely to spend the night doing blow off of a hooker’s ass than scheming to take over the world. We don’t have the resiliency, the reptilian focus and instinct for the kill, required to take up the reigns of the ancient monstrosities like Cheney, the old Bush bitch, or that fucker Harper.

Scary though they might be, the same exact megalomaniac tendencies that characterizes the generation of the swine, the Reagans and Nixons, the narcissistic need to make the world in their image, a debilitating desire for the crooked and corrupt, the need to reduce the human spirit to a number in a poll, an innate drive for world domination through the manufacturing of wars all over the world, these are what are currently keeping our heads above water.

I can just imagine the fear of these tyrannical maniacs, looking at their kids, their grand-kids, and imagining how their empire will waste away to nothing once they die, spent in a series of heavy Vegas binges until the entire family estate is worth no more than a one bedroom apartment in a run-down ghetto.

How they must fear death! Not due to any fear of being judged. They have undoubtedly made a pact with the Devil long ago for a luxurious accommodation down below. No, their fear stems from their psychologically debilitating need to control, to keep the world and its people under their fat thumbs.

They saw their children’s generation turned to mush by civil rights movements, by all kinds of vague values of equality and justice, by an insane presumption that the world is actually a kind, warm, fuzzy place where everyone could just get along if they stopped doing whatever it was they were doing that was leading to this mess.

They saw the lack of focus, of passion, of coherence, and they shuddered, telling their “peace and love” lunatic children to cut their hair, go to school, get a job, and generally GROW THE FUCK UP!

It kind of worked. While many lost souls never made the transition, still living in a fairy-tale world of rights and wrongs, of clear enemies and obvious solutions, there are many more that eventually gave in, got a job, sold all their rock and roll records, and focussed on having little kids, a house and a picket fence with at least two cars in the driveway.

And yet, despite their selling out, the abandon of their dreams, they, unlike their parents, did not try and break our spirits. In fact, quite the opposite, these post-hippies tried to instil in us rebellion and free-spiritedness, even when it was not in our temperaments.

This in and of itself is not really a bad thing, but the general lack of discipline and accountability of three entire generations might be a contributing factor to the fall of the master plan currently in effect.

Once the swine generation finally lose their grips on their withered old corpses, their children, the baby boomers, will step in and attempt to keep the whole shebang rolling. While their grasp of the entire infrastructure will undoubtedly be limited, they were trained by the dinosaurous swinus, and will probably be able to keep things semi-functional.

But their hearts were never really in this global domination business, and that lack of motivation, combined with empathy for other humans, will likely lead to them handing the reigns over to the next generation, rather than hold onto it until the bitter end as the swine are currently doing.

Will the X and the Y be able to handle the workload? Will they have the heart to keep this badly maintained mercantile machine going? Will they fuck everything up with a bunch of well-intentioned reforms without the required strategic planning required to enact these measures?

Let us hope the next generation, those young punks who seem to live with technology, will come up with some kind of transitional infrastructure, a well-organized plan to bring us out of the age of the swine and into whatever mess awaits us in the future.

M.C. Leary