2-1 Odds Staring Down a Gun

By: Jessup Powers

Out of my own shitty curiosity I looked up or googled for a list of the candidates.  Low and behold I came across a list on a site with the url address Politics1.com.

The following is the list of the democratic candidates.

Democratic candidates

Vice president- Joe Bide- Delaware

Former US secretary of state- Hillary Clinton- New York

US senator-Joe Manchin-Maryland

US senator- Martin OMalley- Maryland

US senator-Bernie Sanders-Independent Vermont

US senator- Eliizabeth Warren-Massachusetts

Former US senator- Jim Webb- Virginia

Jeff Boss- New Jersey

Phillip Bralich – California

Willie Carter – Texas

President Emperor Cesar- Florida

Brittany Clark- California

Kristi Dutton- Arizona

Ronald Emrit- Nevada

Charles Hodge- California

James Titus the great Law- California

Lee Mercer Jr.- Tennessee

Patrick Mckart-Florida

Loretta Leah lax Miller- Pennsylvania

Rome Murphy 2- New Jersey

James Ogle 3- California

Daniel Owen-Oregon

Harry Pavilack- South Carolina

Mary Aku Quartey- Maryland

Anglo Scringa- Hawaii

Nicholas Sopkovich- California

Michael Steinberg- Florida

Robby Wells- North Carolina

Elaine Williams-Florida

Thomas Winterbottom- Pennsylvania

John Worldpeace- New Mexico

I would like to say that these names had been of my own making but I can only tell you that this is what I saw on Politics1.com.  It is a long list and one could take comfort in such if democracy is the color of your political choice.  But the hard truth is there are only 32 people on this list, and I only recognize a very few, and feel ashamed for such.  A fact I will try to remedy.  I would bet on only one of the first 2 listed here, and on the site I found this info on.  But there is also the other spectrum that list of the republican side.  Which I didn’t look forward to reading and could regret doing but then this would’ve been a waste of time. So the republican side will be as follows.

Congresswoman- Marsha Blackburn-Tennessee

Former UN ambassador-John Bolton- maryland

Dr. Ben Carson-Maryland

Governor-Chris Christie-new Jersey

US senator- Bob Corker-Tennessee

US senator- Ted Cruz- Texas

Businesswoman-Carly Fiorina-VIrginia

Former governor-Jim Gilmore-Virginia

US senator- LIndsey Graham-South Carolina

Former Arkansas governor- Mike Huckabee- Florida

Governor- Bobby Jindal- Louisiana

Governor- John Kasich- Ohio

Congressman- Pete Kin-New York

Former governor-George Pataki- New York

US senator- Rand Paul- Kentucky

Governor- Mike Pence- Texas

Former Massachusets governor- Mitt Romney- California

US Senator- Marco Rubio- Florida

Congressman- Paul Ryan- Wisconsin

Governor- Rick Scott- Florida

Former US senator- Rick Santorum- Pennsylvania

Governor- Rick Snyder- Michigan

Governor- Scott Walker- Wisconsin

Pogo Mochello Allen Reese- Texas

Skip Andrews-Kansas

George Bailey Jr.-Mississippi

Kerry Bowers- Nevada

Dominique Brown-Pennsylvania

Dale Christensen- Missouri

Brian Ari Cole- Pennsylvania

Scott Cole- North Carolina

Ezekiel George Cortez-Michigan

Tim Day-Texas

Paul Debow-Louisiana

Michael Diggs- Arkansas

Patrick- Drake-Georgia

John Dummet Jr.- California

Jack Fellure- West Virginia

Christine Noel Griskie-Florida

Jim Hayden-Tennessee

Chris Hill-Kentucky

Eugene Hunt Jr.-Michigan

Kins Jeroboan- New York

Tim Kalemkarian-California

Marc Keller-Oregon

Michael Kinlaw-Colorado

John Lee-Texas

Jery Leonard-North Carolina

Renee Loetscher-FLorida

Bartholowmew James Lower-Michigan

Denis Michael Lynch-New York

Joan Malone- District of Columbia

Barbara Mae Markovich- Montana

Mike Martisk-Pennsylvania

Mickey Meade- California

Tiffani Mims-Texas

Michael Petyo-Indiana

Brian Russel-Florida

Ole Sanior-Minnesote

Silvia Stagg―New York

Sherlene Sevens- District of Columbia

Dwaune Tomlinson-Florida

Vern Wuensche-Texas.

All together a bone jangling list of many names, far too many to really consider wholeheartedly and respectfully.  Besides there is no idea or clue to have at this point in time these are just the people considered, not to mention a list of those that followed in the many different parties that exist today.  To which a little shout to the salted valley.  Here are some other names that I will mention for good or evil.

In the category of independents, write in, and other parties I will mention 3 names.

Former Salt lake city  Mayor-Rocky Anderson- Utah- Justice Party.

Mark Pendlton- Independent- Utah

John Wood- Independent- Utah.

Now I respectfully have very little to say, since I have not cared to vote in anything within the aforementioned state of these candidates.  Secondly I have not payed enough attention to most politics.   I will say that I have no clue what the “ Justice Party”, is or could possibly be.  But I will remedy the situation as per my own ignorance, with graces and luck.  For now after looking at this list ad realize the count.

32 democratic candidates

68 republican candidates

Now not knowing much of the electoral college, aside from what can be heard in this society, which seems to say that the majority of house is republican.

With this count of candidates, and guessing not even half of them may go to the polls in 2016.  But cutting it off there and saying with half going, hypothetically. It avidly stands to be a 2-1 for republicans.  With luck some strange miracle would happen and bring someone that would do more than shit somewhere else let alone in our own fucking pen we know and love as home of the America, (“ where dream can come true too if you believe” har fucking har to that concept there’s no telling if the dream is still alive,) or be the shit scooper with shovel and pale.

Apologies for the rant, wait never mind fuck you if you didn’t like it. Read on dammit.      Anyways, it’s a 2-1 shot favoring the republican and possibly some other whore beast swine with dollars in the eye’s.  But there may be a dark horse running and brooding waiting to reveal itself.  Some wild and unknown Oscar Zeta Acosta brand of animal.  Waiting to tear away the flesh of swine greed heads.  Oh well another time another place.  For now the best thing is to enjoy the scraps and wait for the show to begin.  There may be mud slung, and some wonderful comedy.  Yeah, why not gear up for the trip.  All bets may be off. Looking down this strange barrel in the an odd and misplaced time.  Remember the odds as and audible,

68    32    34    16    2        1

Snap!!!!      Break all the doors and knock the nasty slugbags down, and slat the earth so they don’t come back.


p.s. there we’re something like 80 independents write in and other candidates listed.  Strange fucking mutts who would want to be a greasy political fuck??  OH well damn it all. Goodnight


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