2-1 Odds Staring Down a Gun

December 28, 2014 Gonzo Today 0

By: Jessup Powers Out of my own shitty curiosity I looked up or googled for a list of the candidates.  Low and behold I came across a list on a site with the url address Politics1.com. The following is the list of the democratic candidates. Democratic candidates Vice president- Joe […]


December 28, 2014 Dr. Ash Tree Gonzo 0

By: Ashley Beth September 18 was a Weighted Day for Me. It was Heavy. It was Dynamic. In one entire day I managed to close, cross and open several boundaries in my life. Most of these boundaries were with people. Some of them were with….less forgiving entities such as moving […]

The Logic of Love or Lack Thereof

December 28, 2014 Donnie Casto II 0

By: Donnie Casto II “Women aren’t logical, that’s why they make no sense.” said Julius. For the past five minutes he had went on about the common situation I imagine most couples go through at some point and now it seemed that due to a potentially lost flash drive that […]

Blanton’s Small Barrel Bourbon Whiskey Review

December 28, 2014 Clayton Luce 0

Name: Blanton’s Bottled By: Sazerac ABV: 46.5% Proof: 93 Ah. Now here is a whiskey that is finally deserving of its bottle. Rich and aromatic, smooth as honey and a definite crowd pleaser. Blanton’s is a must on my bar, but I usually slap the hands of those who actually try to reach for […]