poster8_steadman“Yes, right, okay, here goes you twisted freaks.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. I’m a Veteran, as are many on this page [and GonzoToday]. I will take time out of my day, to shake hands, thank, and even salute as many Veterans as I can.

Hunter S. Thompson was a Veteran.

“Whoa, back up you deranged ward healer.”

Well he was, and I don’t care in what capacity he or any other Veteran served. They all deserve our appreciation, thanks, and love, yes I used the L word. So what, I care that’s why.

I wasn’t in combat, but all the same I served, was held hostage, tortured, beaten, starved, pissed on, ate rats, and shit on myself, then was eventually rescued, by some of the toughest, and most professional, caring Veteran Brothers I’ve ever known.

That being said, say thank you to a Veteran tomorrow, it means alot.”

-Bill Longworth,    Roanoke, VA on Facebook

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