Rorschach technique, Ink for the brains

By: Jeroen Melis

The Rorschach technique,  is a projective personality assessment based on the test taker’s reactions to a series of 10 inkblot pictures.

The technique is the most widely used projective psychological test. The Rorschach is used to help assess personality structure and identify emotional problems and mental disorders. Like other projective techniques, it is based on the principle that subjects viewing neutral, ambiguous stimuli will project their own personalities onto them, thereby revealing a variety of unconscious conflicts and motivations. Administered to both adolescents and adults, the Rorschach can also be used with children as young as three years old.

To trigger my imagination and subconscious.. I decided to make my own Pictures..
The ink is still wet but I can see some creatures crawling already..

Rorschach Technique2


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