Melchizedek is a Dick

by Conrad Reeder

I don’t know how Hunter Thompson would have responded to the idea that the earth is a living creature. But I perceive Earth as Gaia or a Divine Entity that self-created an amazing home and she adjusts the conditions of our atmosphere for the optimal expression of life. In that regard, I believe Hunter created a life of self-creation guided by hedonism.

Is hedonism really all that bad? What’s so wrong about pleasure is the highest good and the proper aim of life? In the 17th Century a Mi’kmaq elder in the so-called New World of North America was invited to observe French society. His French hosts thought their Shiny Classicism and Labyrinth Gardens Magnifique would wow this backwater Native, but instead, much to their dismay, he remarked generally that you may have more material possessions but we have other, greater assets: ease, comfort and time.  

The Mi’kmaq Elder also said you are envious and are all the time slandering each other; you are thieves and deceivers; you are covetous, and are neither generous nor kind; as for us, if we have a morsel of bread we share it with our neighbor.

Three-hundred years later, we, as global societies, are still at war with each other for dominance and taking the bread out of the mouths of our neighbor. The Russian Federation’s current devastating war on the people and sovereignty of Ukraine will contribute to the already global food emergency. Most (if not all) war contributes more shiny things along with misery, fear, anger and feelings of revenge in the victims on both sides.

I think Hunter would agree the “oligarchs and politicians” that profit and promote our current system of bloody war and greed are greatly propped up by the religions of Melchizedek—religions, which, by the way, also dishonor women.

Whatever triggered the failed patriarchal culture that permeates our world at this moment is a hot debate, but in Gnostic texts and others, Jesus is a clone or the latest, greatest version of Melchizedek, the ancient “High Priest of The God Most High” or “King” basically the representative of the angry, ancient male god with a name we do not speak, yet we do have names: Elohim, Yahweh, Jehovah, El Elon, Adonai, El Shaddai etc..

By ushering in the archetype of Jesus as a descendant of this priesthood line, a Son of God, King of Kings (pick your male title), our paradise on Earth was portrayed as hell, a veil of tears. So, get over it. Be a good slave, pay the overlord and you’ll get your reward after you die. Seriously? What is down is up and what is up is down. 

Yes, I am a woman, but I am also a human being and a project of my own self-creation. Can you say the same thing? It hasn’t been easy either. Since birth, powerful authorities have besieged me to want things and think a certain way. Observe how much of what we desire is really what other people desire.  

I’m tired of this crowd and their bloody entourage. As far as my experience on this beautiful planet has been thus far, if you listen to birds, grow a garden, enjoy the touch of others, eat luscious food, play, imbibe delightful liquids, sing love songs, swim in a warm ocean, plant your feet on earth and care about your neighbor, you will experience a beautiful paradise. 

It’s  time to call a dick a dick and honor the womb of existence, our beautiful Gaia, a world dreamed into existence for hedonists, like me and Hunter Thompson. Hey ho.

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