Letter from Editor in Chief Kidman Williams

Kidman J. Williams pictured at the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut

Hello everybody, this is Kidman Williams, E.I.C. of GonzoToday.com.

Recently we have removed article material that we discovered does not meet our standards of verification.

All of us at Gonzo Today have prided ourselves on keeping a high standard of accurate reporting and fact checking when it comes to our content on the website. We have had many praises during the time that GT has been in business (since 2014). We have also hosted many guest writers, including myself when I first came to GT from Paxton Media Company and WLS Radio in Chicago.

Gonzo Today will continue to present our readership the highest standards in journalism and Gonzo Journalism.

GonzoToday.com appreciates your readership.

Thank you,

Kidman J. Williams (Editor in Chief of Gonzo Today)