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Kidman Williams

Executive Publisher

Kidman J. Williams has been professionally writing for 15+ years now. He has written for many publications in a wide range of different mediums. Through his 20’s he was the frontman of the band Call to the Wise with a mild amount of success touring and making two albums.

Kidman also was in political radio and worked for the broadcasting giant WLS. He worked and learned a lot from the experience. He got to meet political conversation pieces like Todd Stroger, Blagoyavich, etc.

During this time he became burnt out on the high pressure and dishonesty of the broadcasting industry and left. He couldn’t take the constant and brutal dishonesty that came with political radio broadcasting.

With his illusions shattered, Kidman struck out with his writing again. Much like one of his writing influences (Lester Bangs) he found a kinship with music journalism. He has interviewed many from the industry like Hank Williams III (Hank3), Scott Ian and so many more.

He has covered many events like the porn convention, Exxxotica, concerts and sports; he has even done strip club reviews down in the Tampa area.

Now he has found a home and a true kinship with Gonzo Today and the high standard that comes with carrying the “Gonzo” name.

Kidman, “I have always been a political/social junkie of sorts. I always knew that I wanted to be in the political forum. WLS did nothing to curb my passion for it, but what they did do was ass-fuck the ideals that I carried for the genre. They showed me a dark seedy room with sawdust on the floor, bent me over callously and gave me a true knowledge of how dark politics can truly be!”

The Passion of Fred Rogers and his Neighborhood VS Trump…I mean Nixon


By: Kidman J. Williams

There are very few people in this world that speak to volumes of people, there are even fewer people in this world that touch those volumes of people down to their souls. Fred McFeely Rogers was that rare person who spoke to us all and meant every word that he said and we knew it.

We have heard the old story about how Mr. Rogers was a military sniper, well, that is far from the true story of this great man who taught us all how to be great, warm, caring people who should never forget how to look at life through the innocent eyes of a child.

Rogers was able to really speak to children with honesty and warmth and reached them on their level of understanding while his passion reached the adults on their level.


A Brief History on Mr. Rogers


Rogers who graduated college in 1951 with a degree in music composition. When he went home in his senior year of college he saw the new addition to his family – the television set. Rogers was captivated by the television medium and thought that there was a fantastic future for him in that medium. He was right.

Rogers claimed his first job in TV in 1953. He was hired by WQED in Pittsburgh for a community station; it was the first one of its kind.

By the next year he started to co-produce a little show called “The Children’s Corner,” and as his experience grew so did his aspirations.

Rogers went back to school to earn his divinity degree. He got it in 1962. At his ordination the Presbyterian Church asked him to serve children and their families through television.

After a short stint in Canada he and his wife moved back to Pittsburgh where Rogers began Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in 1966. Then two years later it was launched on PBS throughout the country.

Mr. Rogers touched the hearts and minds of our youth and adults alike from 1966 – 2001. Rogers died from stomach cancer with his wife by his bedside on Feb. 27, 2003 and left us with amazing lessons and expansive imaginations.


Mr. Rogers Vs Nixon and his Congress


Fred Rogers was seen with many political figures over the decades of his career, but none was more important than when he sat in front of Nixon’s congress opposite of the United States Senate Subcommittee on Communications.

Rogers was looking to support funding for PBS while Nixon was looking to cut the budget, taking them from the $20 million that President Lyndon Johnson wanted and bringing it down to $10 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

It was high noon in Congress on May 1, 1969 when Mr. Rogers sat in front of the chairman, John O. Pastore who started the dialog with a confrontational tone and dismissive eyes…until the unasuming children’s show host showed him just how powerful he was.

We Need A New Mr. Rogers?


Today we are seeing a new Nixon? Are we seeing a new Nixon? An enemy of the people and the state? We just might be.

Trump has already went after women and the LGBTQ UNOFFICIALLY with his actions and “grab her by the pussy” attitude.

Trump stated that he wants to go after the funding to PBS like a Republican after your Social Security checks. PBS defunding and privatizing comes in with his proposal to cut Federal spending by $10.5 trillion in 10 years.

Where does that leave PBS? It wouldn’t go away, but by privatizing PBS they would feel the itchy burn that Trump has dealt with in his crotch for years.

Just use the cream that your doctor gave you Donald, you have the cream and the shampoo buddy.

Eventually PBS and NPR could just go away, but that is really what he wants. The left leaning ideals of both could no doubt put a hurt on Trump and his love den of money drunk fiends and ghouls.

He can’t go after CNN, but he sure can attempt to put a hurt on their access if they aren’t willing to play ball with the new administration.

Despite Trump’s willingness to give the churches in this country a voice without losing their tax exempt furthering his deplorable reputation and trying to turn the U.S. into medeval times England, defunding PBS and squeezing Big Bird into the garbage can with Oscar the Grouch would further destroy the fundamental growth and education of our youth.

As the sunsets on the horizon our children could be witnesses to a very terrible day in the neighborhood.

10 Greatest Cover Songs You’ve Never Heard

By: Kidman J. Williams

The cover song is sometimes more vital than the original song itself. When bands play live they always throw you some amazing rendition of an older song, covers are also a very good way for newly formed bands to hone their skills as a unit and sometimes these bands manage to make a great and unique version of what another skilled artist wrote.

We have all heard Aerosmith’s cover of The Beatles Come Together, Nirvana doing David Bowie, or Johnny Cash’s version of Trent Reznor’s Hurt. This collection focuses on cover songs that you may not have ever heard for many different reasons.

These are some of the greatest cover songs that you may not have heard.

  1. 1. Redemption Song: By Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer of The Clash


Redemption Song was originally written and recorded by the legendary Jamaican Bob Marley in 1980. It was recorded on his final album and was the last recorded song he did for the album before he died from complications from cancer on May 11 1981.

The song was recorded during Rubin and Cash’s last recorded album together and the duet was “accidental” as Rick Rubin puts it. According to Rick Rubin, ” Joe was coming every day, because he loved Johnny Cash, and he just happened to be in L.A. on vacation. And he actually extended his trip a week longer just to come every day and be around Johnny.”

The song was made and we are thankful for these two musical prophets who came together to bring life back to the words of another musical prophet.


  1. 2. Brick House: By Rob Zombie


You read that subtitle right. Rob Zombie did a cover of The Commodores’ Brick House with the one and only Lionel Richie.

The original song released in 1977 on the Commodores’ self-titled release was quite the heavyweight composition in funk. But when Zombie got a hold of it in 2003 it went fairly unoticed to many people. The song was put on his greatest hits album named, Past, Present, and Future.


  1. 3. I’m on Fire: by Whitey Morgan and the 78’s


Bruce Springsteen, The Boss, released I’m on Fire back in 1984 and since then there have been many, many renditions and covers over the years. Some of them by legends like Johnny Cash, some of them by others like Awolnation, Tori Amos, and even John Mayer.

But none really captured the overall tone that Whitey Morgan and the 78’s were able to sonically portray with their version of the Springsteen classic.

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s released it on their debut album Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels in 2008. The band might not be a household name, but you can bet your farm and your bottle of whiskey in the barn that they will be in no time.


  1. 4. Gin and Juice: By The Gourds


We all know Snoop Dogg’s song Gin and Juice by heart. It is a legendary song at this point. But did you ever think that it could be done in a country way AND be good? I don’t think anyone did.

The Austin, Texas Alt-country band, The Gourds managed to do just that. The Gourds have been putting out albums and touring now for 17 plus years with their brand of country music.

From the first notes that come out of Kevin (Shinyribs) Russell’s mouth you are pretty hooked into this unique take on one of raps’ most popular songs.

There is even a video out there where the song is being played to Snoop Dogg himself. It got the King of Marijuana to sit and bop his head, we are sure you will too.


  1. 5. Black Betty: By Ministry


We all know about Ram Jam’s version of Black Betty and some of you might actually think that that was the original version of the song which makes this a weirder choice for number 5, but necessary I think considering most people think the original is Ram Jam.

The fact is that nobody really knows for sure where the song originated from or from who. Huddie “Led Belly” Ledbetter recorded one of the most popular versions of the song back in 1939, before him Alan Lomax did a cut.

Some people believe that the song was an old slave song that talked about flintstock guns. Some think it referred to a whiskey, but nobody really knows.

Now, even though Ram Jam saw considerable more success with the song, this is about covers you may not have heard before. Ministry the industrial/hardcore/metal band fronted by the always moody Al Jorgenson (Uncle Al) put out an insane and epic cut of the old song on their album Cover Up.

The album also included many other covers including an intense version of the T. Rex classic Bang a Gong.


  1. 6. True Love Ways: By My Morning Jacket


Buddy Holly is a legend in the world. He was using recording techniques that weren’t used again until The Beatles came out with Sgt. Pepper. He was one of the originators of Rock music and his life was cut terribly short by a plane crash that took the lives of two others, Ritchie Valens and Big Bopper.

The music of Buddy Holly still lives on and inspires many musicians around the globe including My Morning Jacket.

My Morning Jacket released this gem for a Buddy Holly tribute album in June of 2011 and to my surprise, not a lot of people knew about the song. It does prove to be epic from the opening line, “Just you know why,” it sucks you in and doesn’t let your heart go.

  1. 7. Lithium: By Muse


We all know the song Lithium by Nirvana. Nirvana came out of the Seattle Grunge scene and was another band that was gone way too soon with the death of Kurt Cobain.

Nirvana released Nevermind Sept. 24 1991 and lit the whole world on fire with their brand of punk/metal and disillusionment. Lithium was one of those epic songs released and produced by Butch Vig.

Muse who have not done an official release of the song (I’m sure it is right around the corner) have been playing it live at many different events including Coachella. How long they have been doing it…don’t know, but we do know that this huge sounding band does the job and captures exactly what this song needs.


  1. 8. Hotel California: By SkaDaddyZ


The Eagles Hotel California is one of those over-played classics that everyone loves; even the people that hate The Eagles love its overly poetic lyrics and Don Henley’s high and pompous…yeah, I don’t much care for Henley, but this song is gold.

Hotel California was released in 1976 and won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year. It was also put into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

But this cover is gold. Not many people know it and even fewer people on the internet seem to know exactly who does the song.

Many people think it is done by Pennywise. Other people scream in comments that it is Reel Big Fish, well, it isn’t.

It is done by a lesser known band called SkaDaddyZ. The SkaDaddyZ were founded in 1993 out of Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard, California and have played alongside Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, No Doubt, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

  1. 9. Whole Lotta Love: By Prince


Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin is a well known classic that many bands and artists have over done over the many years. Zeppelin released the song on their second album Led Zeppelin II, Oct. 22 1969.

Prince did it live, never to have recorded it as far as I know. But this version of the old Zeppelin song really takes off as an entity of its own. The second you hear Prince proclaim to the crowd, “No format tonight!” you know you are in for something really special. And he does NOT let you down.


  1. 10. We Can Work It Out: By Stevie Wonder


The Beatles released We Can Work It Out 

The Beatles recorded this song while recording the Rubber Soul album.

It takes a serious musician to step up and cover The Beatles..and do it well. Enter Stevie Wonder, a soul/funk legend himself. Stevie recorded the song in 1970 and put it on his Signed Sealed Delivered album. He put his own twist and sound on the song making this one of the greatest cover songs of all time.

Disney Announces Title for Star Wars Ep VIII: What Does It Mean?

By: Kidman J. Williams

Disney released on Monday morning that the title for Episode VIII will be The Last Jedi. The movie is set to open in December of 2017.

All the Star Wars fans have been itching to know any information on the upcoming movie since we were left with nothing but a dead Han Solo and a very lonely Luke Skywalker (who had like 5 seconds of screen time)

I wonder where Luke hides his porn?

Either way, everyone has been waiting patiently for the next movie. We were even gifted Rogue 1 to tide our White Castle sized cravings for more.

What do we know about the new movie?

The Last Jedi title eludes to very little, but a lot at the same time. My first question would be; are we going to have to endure another heartbreaking loss with the death of Luke Skywalker? They already killed Han off, and our Princess died in real life(RIP Carrie Fisher).

Will Disney really be that cold to the fans of Star Wars? They might, after-all they did brutally kill off Bambi’s Mommy.

What else could it mean? Well, I could speculate that it is just a clever title that loops fans into the idea of a last Jedi, but then again, the plural for Jedi is…you guessed it! JEDI!

Looks like we will find out soon enough in December when Episode VIII hits theaters around the galaxy.

Donald Trump – Ready or Not Here He Comes

By Kidman J. Williams

As I sit and watch this inauguration while I am writing this up, the Bible verses have been put out on the table, I can’t help but notice discomfort in Trump’s shrewd little ducky face. And his contempt as the Missouri State Choral sing for him.

JESUS! Does the man ever smile? Oh look, he did smile! Jesus, stop smiling, it reminds me of my ex’s creepy Uncle Frank.

I, like most of the country, I still can’t believe this is actually happening. We already voted in an actor who wasn’t that great…why not a reality star. Better him than one of the Kardashians I guess.

It has happened, officially now. Time to buckle into the ride and hope we don’t fall off the track in the first loop.


All across the United States of America citizens are taking to the streets, walking out of schools, and even taking sick days from work to protest the inevitable fact that Donald Trump will be our next President of the US.

You can turn anywhere and find protests all over the country right now. Even in the very red state of Texas. There is a school in Austin where kids are going to be doing a demonstration by walking out of their classes.

Today is the inauguration, despite the millions of people across the country who have been in an odd state since Clinton lost the race. Never in all the elections that I’ve seen have I ever witnessed this kind of fallout.

Some people can’t eat, they can’t sleep, they can’t even function with long-time friends because they don’t share the same political views. The disdain for Trump is so great that our citizens can’t seem to keep it together anymore.

I went out into the streets (I needed to get cigarettes) and asked a simple clerk at my local Circle K, if he was a Trump supporter. Tyler was taking a smoke break on the side of the building when I approached him with his shaggy blonde hair and he said, “Trump is evil. He is a horrible person. Obama was awesome. He cared about people and he was about peace and he didn’t want to kick out illegal immigrants like Trump does.”

Well, I hated to burst his millennial bubble, but I did anyway, “You do know that Obama hasn’t had a moment of peace during his whole eight years in office? He also kicked out record numbers of illegal immigrants during his two terms.”

Tyler looked at me with disgust, like I killed his cat with a hammer and ate his goldfish live. “You know what? Fuck you!” he said with feeling as he brushed back his hair and walked away.

I yelled, “What did I say? I just stated the facts to you.”

This has been the most publicized inauguration I remember in all my years. I don’t even remember Obama’s being this public. And he was our first Black President.

Trump has already made some pretty controversial moves and he hasn’t even hit the Oval Office yet. His choices to head education, Betsy DeVos who has zero education in the job that she is about to take on. Rick Perry is another one. No reason an oil man should be in charge of environmental issues.

Either way you look at it, this is happening. The best I think that we can do is sit back, watch him closely and stop crying about it. This is our reality. This is our time. Watch him like a hawk and when he inevitably steps out of line, we need to stand united.

Rolling Stone Lost Their Minds Yoko Ono Buys 5 Stars

By: Kidman J. Williams

We’ve heard all the jokes about how Rolling Stone Magazine hasn’t been relevant for many years. They’ve been out of touch with the youth and most of all…they wouldn’t know good music if it jumped up and bit them on the genitalia that they used to have when they tackled hard-nosed journalism.

It has become more apparent than ever when I came across a review of Yoko Ono’s three reissues by Christopher R. Weingarten.

Instead of telling you ‘this is what we think about Yoko Ono’s reissues,’ the author and Rolling Stone editors felt the need to Continue reading

Smashing Pumpkins ORIGINAL Lineup Back Together

By: Kidman J. Williams

It has been confirmed that The original lineup of the Smashing Pumpkins will be getting back together. The Smashing Pumpkins were an important piece of the 90’s Alternative scene when they released Gish in 1991. By the time Siamese Dream hit they were bonafide rock stars.

The original lineup hasn’t played together for 14 years making this something that many fans are eager to hear after a slew of Billy Corgan “Rotting Pumpkins” albums. Most of the material that came out of the Continue reading

Johnny Sin: Album Review

Review by: Kidman J. Williams

Johnny Sin is a punk rocker from the mean cow patties of Wisconsin. Yes the cheese state. Sin’s sleazy guitar and hilarious lyrics propel the album in what can only be described as a fifteen day rum bender walking out of a dirty men’s room wiping the puke off its mouth into day sixteen on the Vegas Strip.

There are times during this album where you laugh out loud and there will be times during this album where you ask yourself, Wow! He went there?!?

Songs like the opening track, “Big Black Lesbians” is as offensive as you might think, but equally hilarious and quotable.

The song opens with a black woman yelping, “Oooo GIRL you got some fine titties!” Those words really set the whole tone for the song.

The song itself is about a lonely man going to what was known as a video store to check out black lesbian porn. You see back in the day every video store had a little room with swinging wooden doors that you went through to buy your shameful sex videos.

It is a lovely song about self love.

Other songs on the album like Anorexic Bitch, Broken Hearts Psycho Bitches, and Jurassic Jugs should tell you, the listener, what kind of ride you are in for.

There is a real stand out track on this gem. The last track on the album entitled Under a Moonlight in Vegas; much different than the second track, Girls on Vegas Blvd or any of the other ones on this album.

This track is the beautiful rose amongst a bunch of perverted dandelions trying to gang bang your lawn. It is a sweet song reminiscent of 70’s Lou Reed. It has the same somber sounds that the Velvet Underground had with Sweet Jane.

Overall, Johnny Sin is highly entertaining in the over the top GG Allin kind of a way. He takes you on a ride through the darker and more embarrassing parts of the human experience with a disgusting sense of humor.

This material is not for everybody. It couldn’t be. But the cult following that Sin has already garnered is a loyal and funny crowd. If you are just looking to have some dirty laughs at a poker game, this is the punk music for you.

Purchase at: CD Baby

Track Listing

Big Black Lesbians

Girls on Vegas Blvd

Ladies of the Night

Streets of Sin

My City of Satan

Anerexic Bitch

Burned By Love Again

Broken Hearts Psycho Bitches

Knockin on Hell’s Door

Jurassic Jugs


Under a Moonlight in Vegas

The History of Auld Lang Syne (The New Years Eve Song)

By: Kidman J. Williams

The year was 1788 when Robert Burns, a Scottish poet with the sensibility of a true entrepreneur took to the Scots Musical Museum and said, “Oi, you there! Did you know that nobody owns the rights to Auld Lang Syne?”

The man behind the counter looked down at his heavy dusty book and boisterously replied, “Oi! No SHIT?!?”

Then they cracked open a ripe old bottle of Scotch tilted it back right there in the museum, because you could drink on the job back then, to celebrate Robert Burns’ undeserving success for owning the only other song besides Happy Birthday that has stood the test of time.

That is a rough interpretation of the events that led to Robert Burns becoming the owner of an ancient song that everyone in the world sings on New Year’s Eve – or do they?

Nobody actually knows where the song really came from past Scotland. It was an ancient song passed down through the ages that we ALL now sing. But really, we don’t. Nobody actually knows the song do they? They might know the first couple lines, but that’s about it.

I don’t know anybody that actually knows what Auld Lang Syne even means!

The phrase auld lang syne roughly translates to ‘for old times’ sake.’ The song itself is about old friends and new beginnings along with overall fellowship and nostalgia.

Here is the original lyrics and the translated lyrics of the song. Happy New Year to you all.


Auld Lang Syne By Robert Burns:


Should auld acquaintance be forgot,

And never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

And auld lang syne?



For auld lang syne, my dear,

For auld lang syne,

We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet

For auld lang syne!


We twa hae run about the braes,

And pu’d the gowans fine,

But we’ve wander’d mony a weary fit

Sin auld lang syne.


We twa hae paidl’t in the burn

Frae morning sun till dine,

But seas between us braid hae roar’d

Sin auld lang syne.


And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere,

And gie’s a hand o’ thine,

And we’ll tak a right guid willie-waught

For auld lang syne!


And surely ye’ll be your pint’ stowp,

And surely I’ll be mine,

And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet

For auld lang syne!


Translation of the Robert Burns Classic:


Should old acquaintances be forgotten,

And never brought to mind?

Should old acquaintances be forgotten,

And days of long ago !



For old long ago, my dear

For old long ago,

We will take a cup of kindness yet

For old long ago.


We two have run about the hillsides

And pulled the daisies fine,

But we have wandered many a weary foot

For old long ago.


We two have paddled (waded) in the stream

From noon until dinner time,

But seas between us broad have roared

Since old long ago.


And there is a hand, my trusty friend,

And give us a hand of yours,

And we will take a goodwill draught (of ale)

For old long ago!


And surely you will pay for your pint,

And surely I will pay for mine!

And we will take a cup of kindness yet

For old long ago!

The Ruin of Saturday Morning Cartoons

By: Kidman J. Williams

I used to love Saturday morning cartoons. I couldn’t wait to wake up, go out into the kitchen and get myself a heaping bowl of Apple Jacks and park my Under Roos clad booty in front of the television to watch all my favorite shows of the time. We all watched Looney Toons, Beetlejuice, Tom and Jerry, and who doesn’t remember The Gummi Bears?

The old cartoons always had something for the adults to enjoy along with their kids so that they could tolerate being in the same room. Even The Muppet Show. Especially The Muppet Show. I once watched a gorilla hump Bunsen’s butt after he sent Beaker back in time.

soul-train-10-greatest-moments-10-12-2013Then alas there was always the end. The first signal was when Saved By the Bell came on because you knew Soul Train was right around the corner to ruin your whole cartoon morning.

What happened to the old insensitive cartoons. Back when you could watch a cat throw a mouse into a sandwich and a dog beat the ever loving Hell out of cat. Good ole Spike. He just didn’t like Tom did he. Tom was kind of a selfish dumpster cat.

If you watch cartoons now verse the cartoons that came on back when we were kids, there is a considerable difference in the scripts.


The Adult Humor is Gone in Cartoons


Take the Flintstones. Iconic cartoon, but it was very much the Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason and Art Carney. There is no doubt. It also contained grown up things and ideas. Fred went to work, he would go on lunch break, he would come home, have dinner, go bowling; at night him and Wilma chilled, probably had a fight, and Fred would get locked out of the house because the domesticated Saber-tooth tiger outsmarted him and locked him out of the house Continue reading


By: Kidman J. Williams

I envy anybody who’s conscience will allow them to vote for a candidate in 2016. Would it matter anyway? If nobody voted, we’d still have a winner. The candidates leave so much to hate this year. We have everything from Trump being a union busting rapist to Clinton pulling off the greatest beating to the legal system ever, beating out O.J. Simpson’s the glove don’t fit defense.

In the beginning of this dancing chicken show, I found myself working at a smaller newspaper in Kentucky under an editor that knew about as much about the newspaper business as Trump knows about politics and Hillary knows about honesty.

103423690-Donald_and_hilary.530x298Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Buckle up buttercup, this piece is going to cover some ground.

The town of Cadiz is a beautiful place filled with great people who just wanted their newspaper to reflect their county and write about things that matter. How many times can you report on the poultry ordinance – the editor was testing it week after week.

She was a glory hound and a design specialist who got the job because she took one journalist class and was the star at her high school newspaper. She would throw out terms like yellow journalism when she was actually talking about a title being sensationalized; that is sensationalism. When I called her out on that mistake, it went over as well as you might think.

When calling out a mistake on an ego that big you want to be careful – those egos have a tendency to explode with hatred and a strong will to club you with that ego.

I was sitting at the office when Trump’s running was made official to the world and all I could think was that this has got to be a joke. He is going to back out like he did before. This is all for publicity for his stupid reality show; until I saw his face. I could read the seriousness in his eyes and the determination in his little duckface.

While I was working in Kentucky I came across a well connected man. A former military man with heavy connections within the system. The old man told me once that “the Russians have a much bigger involvement in what has been going on in this country.”

He explained that they have to do with the tensions in this country. I looked him dead in the face and I forgot about it a bit, while still rattling it in the back of my busy head.

Fast-forward to the current events that have been laid in our laps. We are looking at a world that has many  problems from all directions and we have a Trump vs Clinton presidential race.

We have Hillary Clinton racing to erase her wrongs all over. The obvious payoffs to Google who changed their search engine for Clinton and the possibility that the Russians hold all 30,000 missing emails. Again the Russians who are quite possibly feeding money and artillery to the terrorist efforts.

You scoff, but have the extremists hit Russia or any of their allies? No, no they haven’t. I’m not saying that Putin and the Russians are using Isis, but I might be. There is a possibility that Russia loves all the race wars that Black Lives Matter has been stirring. Are they behind it? No. Of course not. The US is perfectly capable of screwing things up without help, but they could be.

If you watched the RNC and DNC like I have you would have noticed the Republicans getting demonized for being racists, bigots, and overall evil. If you were really watching with an objective eye you would have seen that the Republicans just did their convention while the protests against them raged in the streets. The Liberals were outside of the DNC as well screaming and attacking journalists, and one Black Lives Matter speaker outside yelling that “White people need to go to the back. Get back, get back and all white people you will appropriately take your place in the back of this march.” She continued to incite people and even ordering that white media go to the back and black media come to the front of the march at the DNC in Philadelphia.

In one incident the liberal mobs decided to go after Geraldo Rivera. Why? That upset me almost as much as the “whites to the back” comments. Why would you make Rivera relevant again you rotten bastards?

It makes you wonder who the racists really are.

Though the Republicans haven’t been the victims in this race. There has been a slew of Trump supporters throwing out racist remarks, horrible things about our current President, and even the KKK has been supporting Trump. That doesn’t make Trump a racist, but it does put his followers and campaign in a bad light.

The fix is in though and I fear that nobody understands that. It sure seems like it. Watch more closely and you’ll see it. I see that people don’t understand that they have been pitted against one another. That is very obvious.

I understand being frustrated. I understand frustrations. I’m not immune to it, but when your crowds are attacking people for what candidate they prefer, attacking journalists, and just ignorant to everything and everybody with a different idea that kind of makes you no better than those rotten goat fuckers from Isis. That’s what it makes them and they show it every time I turn on the TV or see a march.

Frustration without a dialogue only leads to violence, destructive behavior, and death. We tell little children to use their big boy and girl words; why can’t adults do the same?

We can only hope as a country that we can actually come together. When Obama came into office I thought he was going to bring people together, it seems like he has done quite the opposite with his two terms. If we can’t come together we can surely kiss this nation good-bye as a real world power and influence in the world.

All I have to say is #WTF2016?!?