The Banality Of Evil Of The Evil Of Two Lessers: A collection of exchanges with Biden-Harris supporters

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by Phil Rockstroh 

“Not voting for Biden reveals your privilege.”  

Only privileged people seem to believe the US possesses a viable democracy. The non-privileged live with the boot of the extant dictatorship of money/police state on their throats (of which, Biden has spent his life as an ardent operative). Withal, Biden has spent his political career in service to the profiteers of White privilege because, to quote the man himself, he did not “want his children to grow up in a racial jungle.” 

“By you not voting for Biden or you voting 3rd party […] that is the same thing as voting for Trump.”

I would never vote for either Trump or Biden — so how could I be taking votes away from either one of them?

“Your comments about Biden helps the Nazi Trump. No wonder you live in Germany.”  

I hold joint US German citizenship because my mother escaped Nazi Germany on a Kindertransport, her father having been arrested by the Gestapo and imprisoned in Sachsenhausen Concentration camp. Since you are insisting on getting personal, and attempting to pull moral rank by recitation of history, it was status quo-clinging, Weimer liberals like you and your betrayal of socialists and communists that allowed for the Nazis to rise to power.

Moreover, Biden and Harris have spent their careers acting as operatives for the White supremacist order. Moreover, US fascism did not begin and will not end with Trump. In particular when and if radical corporacrats and hard-line members of the US imperialist War Party such as Biden and Harris come to occupy the executive branch. 

“Your [sic] a Russian bot” 

“Russia-Russia-Russia,” the paranoid prattle goes… yet liberals believe only Trump’s raving legions are the ones who have lost touch with sanity. 

Okay, Okay…I’ll confess all. You’d better check… There are Russian agents hiding behind your shower curtain…who are sneaking out when you’re not looking and are rearranging the perfect order of your sock drawer — thus, in their nefarious scheme, are rattling you into a state of paranoid incoherence. 

“You’re a purists [sic] I’m a realist…” 

How does a “realist” come to believe the US — a dictatorship of money, with a sub-banana republic voting system — is a democratic republic? Moreover, where did liberals get the notion that voting for the White supremacist Biden will somehow return the built by slaves/established in genocide nation back to evincing humanity — a quality the sham republic never possessed in the first place?  

“Losing in this case means giving up on reproductive choice for our lifetimes and likely giving up on civilization [sic] because of the toxic combo of fascism and climate change.” 

Biden possesses one the worst environmental records in congress and when he was head of the Senate Judiciary Committee he rubber stamped scores of anti-choice judges to the Federal Bench. Moreover, US fascism did not start with Trump nor would it end with Joe Biden — who brags he is the architect of the Patriot Act. 

Regarding: Our “civilisation…” [Both spellings are correct, Ed.] The US? Damn those Russians — they have hidden US civilisation so deep within a society of racism, exploitation, greed, decaying infrastructure, stupidity, police violence, and militarism that no one even has a memory of it.  

It comes down to this:

Please don’t inflict on me “If you don’t vote for Biden/Harris then you support Trump” palaver. If the Democrats had been serious about beating Trump in 2016 and ending his reign of toxic inanity before it began, they would not have rigged their primary and nomination process for the likes of Madame Deplorable and, now, in this election cycle, in behalf of Senile Joe and Kamala The Cop.

Moreover, your lesser-of-two-evils self-deception is the root of the tragedy: Because voting for a political party that holds its base in arrogant contempt amounts to the enabling of their ongoing and future evils as well as causing one to become complicit in one’s own oppression. Also, voting for Biden/Harris with the self-justifying nonsense involved with, “after the election I will protest their policies and make them accountable” is flat out risible. Biden and Harris have made careers out of marginalizing leftist and progressive voices. If not, they would have never been the High Dollar owned and controlled Democratic Party nominees.

Finally, lesser-of-two-evils voters: The Democratic Party elite would thank you for your (toxic) credulity and proclivity for self-deception… if they were not entitlement-rancid psychopaths who had the sum total of nada notion of gratitude.
After decades of bi-partisan-inflicted neoliberal economics and the attendant greed and cruelty, casual and overt, what other fate could befall such a nation as the US — other than decline — then collapse? A society based on greed engenders a culture of addiction — to wit, a culture that longs for the release delivered by death.

US, how deep does your bottom have to be? Rock bottom, among a landscape splayed with sun-bleached bones of denial? Or is it time to sober up, admit the insanity of it all, take a rigorous and honest inventory of your actions, and make amends to the powerless people you have hurt, both at home and in the world at large?

And no, voting for ardent enablers of the culture-wide affliction e.g., Trump nor Biden/Harris will not return the nation to sanity.

Phil Rockstroh is a poet, lyricist and philosopher bard living, now, in Munich, Germany. He may be and at

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