Bad Vibrations on the Mountain: Mustard Gas, Riots and the End of Fun

Well the decision has come in… The Bastards have won again.

Around the country the Twitter feeds have exploded and the citizens have run amok through the streets of Ferguson demanding Freedom, Justice and an immediate de-escalation of Tyranny, but to no avail.

The St. Louis police, the National Guard and armed mercenaries have all hit the streets in full riot gear with assault-rifles and tear grenades laced with deadly VX gas- which they hurled at CNN correspondent Chris Cuomo who shouted “This is going to get really bad without gas-masks!” before going completely to tears on national television and fleeing the scene like a wounded giraffe “There are a lot of bean-bags being shot!” he screamed as he fled out into the darkness.

GonzoToday correspondent Shannan Kelly reported live from the scene and told of terrible nightmares unfolding all around her. Armed thugs wearing Richard Nixon masks running nude through the streets and beating civilians with glass bottles and anything else they could get their hands on.

I watched this all unfold from the relative security of my compound high in the North Georgia mountains and far from the scenes of carnage and destruction unfolding in St. Louis. But I was there in heart. And that has got to count as something.

The decision not to indict came in early and the online GT newsroom turned into a frenzy of wild chatter and heated debate. At one point I had three live streams with audio, two radio programs, a police scanner and CNN’s live helicopter coverage on- all at full volume simultaneously. It sounded like the trash compactor scene from A New Hope. Loud whirring’s, rumblings and high pitched screams all set to the terrible backdrop of a screaming wookie and John Williams furious, trembling  soundtrack. It was almost too terrible to describe, and I feel the only way to fully cope with the thing is to pull out the old Selectric- or even the Underwood, with its slow, soggy keys-and get into the rhythm of this terrible symphony of chaos.

For all it is worth, and despite the wonderful carnage, I feel I must fundamentally disagree with any notion that this is the beginning of some change. This is the equivalence to the Coliseum. It is a substitution for football and a damn good one for anyone who enjoys losing.

This will all die down and Missouri will settle back into a routine of quiet subservience to the Nixon Administration and the National Guard will keep an outpost on Main Street for the purpose of wire-tapping the press and terrorizing the locals after curfew.

The real tragedy will occur when the news crews leave and the fires are extinguished. Last night was nothing more than a shallow tribute to the American Dream- a lost cause and a grand memory of a war that was lost decades ago with the Death of Freedom and the End of all things Beautiful in America.

Suddenly the violence etched into my retinas from last night is my only comfort.

I long for the screams of the rebels, the shouting of the Patriots and the cries of Liberty. Now I fear the silence that is soon to come, when all of this is swept under the rug and I am once again alone with my own voice and once again nothing more than a Patriot without a Land….and nothing better to watch on TV than football.