The Faces Within

September 17, 2015 Cade Leary 0

by Maven Cade Leary art by Dan Reece Spirituality is such a fragile concept that any true attempt to break it down to well defined fundamental tenants is bound to result in confusion and hesitancy paired with a laxe judgment on what is acceptably termed as such. The situation is […]

Life’s funny sometimes

July 23, 2015 Cade Leary 0

By Maven Cade Leary art by Dan Reece Life’s funny sometimes. It’s just something we say. But it’s true! And not in a haha kind of way, either. When you’re a kid, you just can’t wait to be an adult, free to do all the great and wonderful things that […]

I quit smoking weed once…

June 12, 2015 Cade Leary 0

By Maven Cade Leary I quit smoking weed once, for about a week. I was in an ashram, and out of respect for their rules, I arrived stone cold sober without any backup. I was still young and under the impression that there was going to be some serious mystical […]

Mental Health Distortions

June 5, 2015 Cade Leary 0

By Maven Cade Leary Mental health disorders are nothing to take lightly. I’ve stood on the abyss, I have seen the edge, and while I am still on this side of that ravine, I understand how easily one can lose one’s grip and slip. I’ve dated two borderline personality disorders, […]

Why the word “Gonzo” matters

March 26, 2015 Cade Leary 0

By: Maven Cade Leary What does Gonzo mean to me?… What a cool question! It’s such a vague notion in my mind some days that I start rambling about honest, sometimes dishonest, usually funny, often intelligent… then I stop myself and just kinda look confused. I know it’s time for […]


March 23, 2015 Cade Leary 0

By Maven Cade Leary Art by Kristjan Salvia Divinorum is without a doubt the most intense forced consciousness expansion I have willingly submitted myself to so far. With the right combination, I’ve momentarily lost touch with reality, for sure. But even in those extremes where I am not certain I […]

In the Wake of the Swine Generation

March 8, 2015 Cade Leary 0

artwork by Josh Chambers By; Maven Cade Leary A lot of time and energy has been well wasted bitching and moaning about the swine generation that have overrun our corporations, enslaved our world, and subjugated the population to their corrupt agendas of total domination. There is one factor I cannot […]