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by Kyle K. Mann

Gonzo Today Editor-in-Chief

Thursday, November 5, 2020, 9:30 AM Pacific Standard Time

OK, where are we with the beastly 2020 election?

Yesterday, I figured after Michigan was called for Biden, that it was over, and ended my previous live-blog. It appears I was wrong. Or that some people think I was wrong. Some of those people are paid a lot of money to analyze these matters and present their words or images for public consumption. As for me, I’m being paid to stand by on a teevee show location shoot in Venice Beach, CA. So, indirectly, I’m being paid as I write.

Let’s clear the air for those unfamiliar with my views: I refused to vote in 2020. Both candidates sicken me to the core of my body and soul. Whoever wins, we are screwed bigtime, and later this month I am leaving the USA for Costa Rica, to take another look at getting out of the Evil Empire for good.

In the meantime, the responsibility of running Gonzo Today weighs on me. It’s a HST legacy thing: Cover the Story. That’s an extremely condensed version of why I’m doing this. Would I like some whine with my cheese? Sure. Here we go on who believes what the Electoral College vote totals are, with 270 needed to win.

New York Times and CNN: Biden 253, Trump 214

L.A. Times and Associated Press: Biden 264, Trump 214

Difference being Arizona’s 11, which is disputed on the ground and in the media. Also disputed by Trump and Co., the states of Michigan and Wisconsin. Those two seem less likely to be flipped, or flipped back, depending on your point of view.

Still in play: Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and North Carolina.

Hopefully this will all be over soon, but who knows?

Thursday, November 5, 2020, 11:45 AM Pacific Standard Time

Looks to meeeee… like it is over. But it is not yet official.

It’s so crazy. Still no word. New York Times still not calling Arizona. They have an article up about why they haven’t called Arizona for Biden, like Fox has. That’s odd, you’d think it would be the opposite.

Suddenly busy at work. Set Dec showed up at the location breathing fire. So I’m busy, and trying to watch for further developments.

Thursday, November 5, 2020, 12:45 Pacific Standard Time

I’m still fascinated by the New York Times take on Arizona. To quote them directly: “We do not believe there’s solid enough data on the votes that remain to be counted after Election Day. The data we do have suggests that President Trump could fare well.”

This thing is hanging by a thread. People at my job are confused and dismayed. “We are supposed to hear more tomorrow,” one guy just said.

Reuters has Trump ahead in Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. Georgia is extremely close with 98% of the vote counted.

I’m hungry. Let’s see if I can find a restaurant with decent food.

Thursday, November 5, 2020, 1:15 Pacific Standard Time

I’m at the Venice Whaler, right on the beach near the Venice Pier. Rolling Stones blaring nearby. A homeless guy who looks a lot like Charlie Manson emits random howls. Good food, though expensive. What the hell. The drink menu makes me laugh… several are named after Doors songs. Well, it’s Venice Beach, right?

Ok, the election. Reuters headline: “Trump Rages About Fraud”

CNN: “Vote on a Razor’s Edge” and says Trump is ahead in Georgia by about 12,700 votes. “Proud Mary” over the speakers.


Thursday, November 5, 2020, 3:30 Pacific Standard Time

Nothing new. Work at my film crew job grinds to a halt. Set Dec is essentially finished dressing this smallish apartment but they don’t want to leave, lest they be reassigned further tasks. Fine with me, as it puts me into overtime. Paid to blog, more or less. Ha!

Trouble is, there ain’t much to blog about on the election. The Democrats had a meeting, and 80 year old Pelosi is still in charge. They should have given her the boot. Same old, same oooold.

New York Times: “Joe Biden is leading in several undecided states and is eroding President Trump’s margin in others. The Trump team lost court cases in Georgia and Michigan, but had a small win in Pennsylvania.”

The Guardian: “Trump to speak from White House as Biden urges calm amid tense wait” – interesting. Let’s watch Trump troll the Democrats.

Thursday, November 5, 2020, 8:30 Pacific Standard Time

However, I did not get the chance to watch Trump the teevee host do his thing. First my iPad stopped receiving and playing live video feeds, then surges of film crew workers appeared with various needs from my department. I cheerfully labored with a zesty gusto. I particularly enjoyed a team of four very large grips delivering two wheeled camera dollies to the second floor, using wood board runners and a pulling rope up a narrow, winding set of stairs. Skillfully done! I commended their mighty prowess.

Cut to the author relaxing after finally returning home, and after a few soothing hits. Looking at the various news outlets, I laugh. Trump’s speech censored by several major networks. Trump complaining the election is being stolen. Since both sides steal as many votes as they can, his complaint is redundant.

As far as the numbers of votes in the swing states, per Reuters the one that jumps out is Georgia. With 99% of the vote counted, Trump’s lead is whittled down to 2,000 in the Peach State.

In Nevada, with 84% “reporting” Biden is up by 12,000 votes. Controversial Arizona, called as flip by Fox and AP and nobody else yet, has Biden up by 40,000 votes. I don’t see it being counter-flipped.

Trump’s back is to the wall. 48 hours after the polls have closed, Trump has to run the table. You couldn’t write this script. It’s ludicrously melodramatic. Maybe David Icke is right; evil shape-shifting reptilians are feeding off the bad vibes emitted by humans.

Friday, November 6, 2020, 1:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Heavy work day on the Venice Beach apartment location. The full shooting crew is here and I’ve been putting out fires, metaphorically speaking.

Election stuff seems far away when you work a demanding job. “…and…” (pause) “action!’ My walkie- talkie is squawking at me. But in an attempt to continue: It appears the only direct political drama left in the short term is guessing which of the remaining states still in play will be the first one to semi-officially give the election to Biden. Pennsylvania? Nevada?

Georgia, I guess, based on the percentages of remaining votes, but the real challenge ahead is going to be certification of the statewide voting results. If the Republicans succeed in keeping several states from doing so by the December deadline, the election will then move to the House of Representatives per the 12th Amendment, where the arcane rules are likely to hand the election to Trump.

This is a concept most people do not understand, but is quite possible. And if it happens, absolute chaos will erupt.

They don’t need me on the set for a while, so I’m going for a walk on the beach, famous Venice Beach. I’m dizzy from not enough sleep and too much work and politics. And I have an important incoming call that will take me far, far away from both.

Life is but a dream.

Saturday, November 7, 2020, 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

…the five day election ordeal is over. It was Pennsylvania that put Biden over the top. Trump couldn’t hold the Rust Belt. I’m just glad it’s done with, or at least this phase is.

I’m still too heavily distracted by work to pay much attention to political news, and in fact am on the film-biz clock in Venice Beach as I type, but my congrats to the winners and their supporters, and my condolences to the losers and their supporters as well. I’d like to see a semblance of sanity in the U.S.A., from both sides. I’d also like to see no new wars. That’s my particular top priority.

The phone call I alluded to yesterday concerned an upcoming book review for GT. Exciting for the usually-jaded editor!

And I’m still going to Costa Rica before the end of the year. Maybe not for long, but I need a Plan B. Getting out of this country, even for a short while, will provide needed perspective.

To those following this blogging narrative, thanks for reading. If I revisit this dismal subject, it will be regarding legal shenanigans attempted by the seemingly-outgoing president. Arrgh. OK. Cheers, all!

Kyle K. Mann

Venice Beach, CA

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