Upheavals in Washington D.C. and Facebook

By Kyle K. Mann

With Trump’s firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Monday, 1/30/17, the news cycle is now like a bull on crack cocaine. My Facebook feed is disrupted as well, and old friends are going completely berserk.

I joined FaceBook in 2009. For the whole time since then I have been warning about Obama, and have been for the most part completely ignored. What I was saying was, he was spying on us all, he had signed into law dangerous provisions such as the 2012 NDAA “indefinite detention” law that allowed him, or a successor, to secretly jail people, that he was killing thousands of people and even some American citizens overseas via drones, that his vicious crackdown on whistleblowers was immoral, and that he had deported more people than any president in history.

Now, those are facts. As I say, most people ignored my urgent messages. And interestingly, many of those same people have turned into frothing maniacs at Trump’s latest follies, which compared to, say, the bombing of Libya, have killed few people to date.

I despise Trump. He’s an obnoxious vulgarian, as only a reality TV host can be. That such a monstrous caricature can be in command of the U.S. Government is beyond appalling. Which leaves us where exactly?

Many people I know were Bernie Sanders voters. When Sanders was robbed (as many see it) of the nomination by the corruption of HRC, they just turned away and voted for her anyway. Many of these are the same outraged protesters now.

So, where were these people when Obama and HRC were raining drone bombs down on 7 Muslim countries? The same ones where a preponderance of the refugees are coming from?

Banning refugees, bah. You Obama/HRC liberals blew it because you didn’t speak up when you should have. Now you are freaked out. Freaked! (Note: I do not consider myself either liberal or conservative.)

Nobody likes a guy saying “told ya so.” So, I’m biting my tongue, though it’s too late, of course.

There are very few sane voices left in the political spectrum now.

Hunter S. Thompson saw this coming, of course. It’s doom, just as he predicted. Given his grisly demise, I can’t look to him for solace either. Humor, entertainment, even a bit of moral wisdom, yes. But we have to look within now. Deep into our spirits, the ageless being.

And I think that is the ultimate thought I have for us at this point. No matter what we believe, or who we support, inner optimism is needed, love within and without. Self-healing, creative expression.

It’s going to be a rough ride, but we can get through it. Hang in there, people.

We owe it to ourselves to survive, even thrive, in this Awful Age.

Facebook? Washington D.C.? Phooey.  Cheers!


Kyle K. Mann



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