Black Flag: A letter to the Right


cubana-flight-black-flagsby Mario Burns

Time to raise the Black Flag for me. I won’t be any part of what’s going on right now with Republican and white bread America.

Wow are we some pussies these days.

Are you really afraid of the “terrorizer” showing up at your door with a bomb strapped to him? We could get hit by a fucking bus at anytime, same result. Are you really that much of a pussy?
In my younger years I was a knuckle head, I like to think I’ve evolved past it. You suck at life if you continue to do what you’re told and haven’t figured that out yet. You can’t even think for yourself. You’re kissing their boots and you don’t even realize it.. Put down your Bud Light and try to learn something for fuck’s sake.

No matter what anyone says, we’re all divided by society and what we see growing up, I get that. But are you really afraid of everything? How did you become this pathetic? You’re just showing people like me you’re as soft as it gets. In the end, you’d be the ones getting eaten first.

It’s not just a race or refugee either. It’s a class thing now more than ever, too.. How can that be? People are hurting financially and the crooks that robbed them are still destroying our country. But you continue to keep pushing the class-warfare onto poor people.. I just don’t get it. I guess we want the elderly homeless and our vets to continue killing themselves along with the poor. Open your eyes. The American dream is over. We let politicians destroy everything and we keep electing them. I have a sliver of hope for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. I’ll vote for him. First “politician” I’ve ever admired. How can running a clean campaign and wanting money out of the game be a bad thing? He’s the closest thing we’ve seen to an honest politician in my lifetime. As good as it will get for us at this point. Who gives a fuck if he lacks charm or charisma.. Do what you want though.. I get that the confederate flag, your guns, and bible are the most important to you.. Voting Trump, we get it.

The only way to get back anything in our lives is to somehow drop the punk shit and stop being afraid. Do you really “hate” other races or other “classes” of people? People are different, time to piss your pants I guess. I’ve found in my own life that anyone can be kind.. Most, I’d guess, that hate those not like them likely don’t have much life experience either. You’re closing yourself off to some of the best parts of life. That is the honest truth you fucking twit..

This obviously isn’t a love letter.. You want to build a wall to keep out the boogeyman Mexicans?? Really? You fuck. You’re afraid of refugees?? For what? Did Fox news or your other redneck friends tell you to feel that way.. Other groups are killing right now, too.. Where’s the outrage there? You look like fools. You want your kids someday to have all this hate in their hearts?? That’s what we’re fighting right now. At some point there has to be a generation that breaks the cycle.. Like the wise Bill Hicks said, “I hate patriotism. I can’t stand it.” I think the toughest people in the USA are the ones lending a hand and not letting fear take all their so-called “freedom” away. If we continue to stop doing that as a majority, the good times are really going to be over for good. Question what the fuck is going on. Even if it’s just your neighborhood. Fight back against Facism. It’s here.

I used to be a prick when I was younger.. I got into a lot of fights and thought that meant something. Had hate in my heart. That is not a way to live. You will never reach what you could be with that mindset holding you back. You don’t know someone’s fucking story either you prick cocksucker.. Live your life and let others live their’s.. It’s a short life, even shorter when you can’t think for yourself. Quit being a useless parasite. You know. The kind that believes the President is a nigger and he’s going to take our guns.. Fuck you. That fear based shit you push just shows what a fucking twat you really are.

Look in the mirror long and hard. You’re scared of nothing.