Today is the Day…

537549_10151204127806185_2119367045_nby David C. Philips

Today is the day things begin.

Lately I’ve toiled on some normal-ass things such as personal interactions, friendships, personal goals, my own downfalls, the perceived ‘successes’ of others and the path I may like to choose. There is a heap of fucked up shit going on in this world.

In the ol’ USofA – mass shootings out number days of the year and people fear refugee relocation. My soundtrack is chock full of 90’s alt/pop and it’s nipple hardening. The rest of the country sleeps in confusion of self-medicated turmoil, and snores of offspring in rest. Maybe these are the ones that change the country and maybe I don’t need to charge my vape and aim my imaginary zombie killing non-existent gun out of the window.

In this forum, you’ll never see some drool pooling dickballs trying to sway your opinion. What you will see..hear..feel….is me, you, your fucking head, and then some. Let’s keep on the chat.

Today is the day..I like that rip. It’s open ended. First to spark my pickle are the things I may let the day escape from me. ‘FUCK, if TODAY is THE day…’ I had best make the absolute best of it!! Save a life, shag the bird, shag the lad, visit the graves, hug the ones that warm the heart, follow the heart, follow the head!, follow nothing…today is THE day.

Cry…let it fucking go. Let it all go. Every day is THE day to let it all go. Cry all over the day’s to come. Weep the waste away from the wishes. Sing those tears. Blast that noise! Today is the FUCKING DAY!!! If not today then…well…tomorrow is just another smile you may not share.