The Candidates are Coming

artwork copyright© 2015 joeyfeldman, all rights reserved
By: David Pratt

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then Feldman’s soul-churning rendition of two of our 2016 presidential candidates goes a long way to illustrating the fear & loathing that has me contemplating expatriating to Iceland of all places. And I hate winter.

Add Hillary and Jeb and fuck-all who knows else into the mix, and the picture gets even more depressing. It seems doom looms, no matter who steps forth. The system is rotten to the core. It is old and antiquated and out of touch, stuck in a time, a paradigm that no longer exists apart from the enforcement of it. Firmly entrenched, not budging an inch. I look to no savior of change, no white knight third-party candidate to step up and “do the right thing.” Even if they’re out there, even if they stand a chance in hell, even if Jesus Christ himself won the election: the system eats them alive. It crucifies anything that threatens its existence. Self-perpetuation is the engine that drives all systems. They don’t run on ideals, especially those that logically lead to the conclusion that the system is broken beyond repair.

And now we have to sit through a year’s worth of circus sideshow campaigning. Listening to mind numbing douchebaggery from unenlightened jackasses beholden to the global capitalist market forces, corporations and government economies that comprise the broken system. That’s what brings on The Fear more than anything. I can’t afford to get any more stupider listening to their inane swill and nefarious plans for the best way to fuck up the quality of life on this planet for the greatest amount of its inhabitants.

The problem is, the system ain’t broken for them. They’re doing just fine. Those born or who were able to weasel and connive their way into the upper echelon are Lords of the Universe, and if anything stands in their way they just blow it up. And the dumb saps in the sideshow are the poor man’s consolation for not being able to afford a ticket to the real action in the center ring under the bigtop. They really are just freaks. A distraction. A twisted spectacle.

I don’t know, man…It got too weird for me a long time ago…