THE FREEZE: 35+ yrs of punk

THE FREEZE is a seminal punk rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, that came together in 1978 as teenagers and continues to record and tour to this day. Founder, lyricist and vocalist Clif “Hanger” Croce is the only member who has been in every incarnation of the band, which has seen many line-up shifts and changes over the years. Guitarist and songwriter Bill Close (who also designed the band’s logo) joined the band at age 15 in 1983, playing lead and writing most of the music until 1998 when he left the band. Since then he has appeared with The Freeze in occasional live performances. As of 2017, Bill Close and Clif Croce were writing and recording again together for a new Freeze/Gang Green split LP.

The band’s first record, the do-it-yourself 7-inch “I Hate Tourists / Don’t forget me Tommy,” was released in 1980. Attempts were made to ban the record locally as obscene but that, in combination with the buzz over their live performances, only succeeded in raising awareness of the band. The following year, The Freeze had nine songs appear on the important New England punk rock compilation “This Is Boston, Not L.A.” titled after their song of the same name. Since then the band has released over a dozen full length albums including “Land of the Lost”, “Rabid Reaction”, “Misery Loves Company” and arguably their greatest album, “Freak Show” released in the early 1990s. The album cover art for 1998’s “One False Move” was drawn by the late American artist, writer, and Cape Cod resident Edward Gorey.

As of 2017, after 39 years, 8 tours, 9 CDs and a couple dozen songs on compilations and assorted singles, The Freeze seem to have some positive momentum. In October, a highly anticipated split LP featuring The Freeze, together with Gang Green from the “This is Boston not LA” days, will be released. There are rumors of both bands playing at least a few shows together on the West Coast before heading back to Boston together. 2017 is the 35th Anniversary of Boston not LA and there’s rumor of up to 6 of the 7 original bands on from the record getting together for at least one show. This October The Freeze will have another new song on a Halloween themed compilation album, on Cleopatra records, which will also feature Iggy Pop, The Damned, TSOL, DRI among others. It seems their long and twisted ride is nowhere near over…

Interview: Clif Hanger – The Freeze:

Listen to The Freeze:

This Is Boston, Not L.A. 1982 [Full Album]



“Don’t Forget Me Tommy/I Hate Tourist’s” 7″ 1980
“Wicked Good Time: Vol. 2” (compilation) 1981
“This Is Boston, Not L.A.” (compilation) 1982
“Unsafe at Any Speed” (compilation) 1983
“Guilty Face Ep” 10″ 1982
“Land of the Lost” 1983
“Rabid Reaction” LP 1985
“Life is a Joke vol. 3” (compilation) 1987
“Revenge of the Kamikaze Stegosaurus From Outer Space” (compilation) 1988
“Guilty Face + 3” EP 10″1990
“Misery Loves Company” LP 1991
“PTP” 7″ 1991
“Bloodlights” 7″ 1991
“Five Way Fury” LP 1992
“Double Dosed” LP 1992
“Crawling Blind” LP 1994
“The Freeze and the Kilrays” CD 1995
“Freakshow” CD 1996
“The Freeze 11/2/96″ 7” 1996
“A Deadly Duo” 10″ (w the Bollweevils) 1996
“Token Bones” 1997
“One False Move” LP 1998
“Boston Wolfpack” 1999
“Welcome to Planet Earth” 7″ 1999
“Live at the Mill Hill Club in 1980” 2007
“Blood Flows Home” CD-EP 2011
“Crawling Blind” LP 2013
“Someone’s Bleeding” CD-EP 2015


Current and past members:

Clif Hanger – Vocals
Bill Close – Guitar, bass
Dave “DB” Barbee.- Guitar
Zach Carmichael – Guitar
Eric Dewolf- Bass
Molusk – Bass
Aaron Hjalmarson – Drums
Johnny Baxter – Drums
Rob (DeCradle) Rosenthal – Guitar
Pat Leonard – Bass
Pat Brady – Drums
Paul Delano – Guitar
Scott Moulaison – Drums
Steve Wood – Guitar
Rick Andrews – Bass
Marc Thalasitas – Guitar
Daniella Thalasitas – Bass
Craig Adams – Bass
Eric Short – Guitar
Joe Koonz – Guitar
Ronald Cormier – Guitar
Kevin Vicha (“Kev”) – Drums
Lou “Chip” Cataldo-Drums
Walter Gustafson-Drums
Chuck Stilphen – Guitar
Zackory Carmichael – Bass
Mark Leonard – Bass
Chris Barone – Drums
Anthony Pizzo – Guitar
Patrick “Swedish” Souza – Drums
Slade Anderson – Guitar
John – Guitar
Molusk – Bass Guitar
Jason – Drums
Joshy Wastrel – Guitar
Gizz Lazlo
David Diamond
Arvin Mani – Bass
Frank Anderson – Drums
Kevin Bonelli – Bass, Guitar
Bob Barry – Guitar
Nick Govoni – Bass, Guitar
Anthony Barbaria – Drums
Aaron Hjalmarson – Drums/vocals