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Column I, Volume I

Written under constraint by: Thomas X. Foolery

 To All Whom The  Bell Tolls:

What the fuck is wrong with people? I only ask  outright because I’m sincerely baffled by ‘Humanity’s’ ambivalence to the atrocities being imparted upon us  with only a handful actually saying or doing anything against it. Fully  realize I’m ‘a day  late and a dollar short’ on this one…but, fuck it….roll with me  here. Let’s for instance take the recent State of the Union Address…something that most American’s avoid but I’ve unfortunately watched and/or read since I was  a teenager. More so  out of curiousity originally…thereafter I guess it became a habit. But…let’s take a peek at 2014’s.

Okay…that teacher who helped a kid  in need that “did her part to lift America’s graduation rate to its highest level in more than three decades…”. And, let us  not overlook the young lady  who apparently turned on the lights in her new “tech startup” and “did her part to add to the more than eight million new jobs our businesses have created over the past four years.” And THEN….there is this:

“A farmer prepared for the spring after the strongest five-year stretch of farm exports in our history.  A rural doctor gave a young child the first prescription to treat asthma that his mother could afford.  A man took the bus home from the graveyard shift, bone-tired but dreaming big dreams for his son.  And in tight-knit communities across America, fathers and mothers will tuck in their kids, put an arm around their spouse, remember fallen comrades, and give thanks for being home from a war that, after twelve long years, is finally coming to an end.”


“Here are the results of your efforts:  The lowest unemployment rate in over five years. A rebounding housing market.  A manufacturing sector that’s adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s.  More oil produced at home than we buy from the rest of the world – the first time that’s happened in nearly twenty years.  Our deficits – cut by more than half.  And for the first time in over a decade, business leaders around the world have declared that China is no longer the world’s number one place to invest; America is.”

Again…I MUST ask….What The  FUCK is wrong with people nowadays? Is this horrendous myriad of fucking mind numbing horseshit orated at the huddled masses by the President to be  actually BELIEVED???? I don’t really care about Democrats and Republicans…as a Journalist it has  always been my  job  (more or less,  for good or ill) to be  ‘objective’, not pick sides, play  by the rules and just report the facts…as best as  I could discern said ‘facts’. INDEED. But that was  then, this is now and the whole fucking world is going to hell  in a handbasket; yet to listen to the SOTUA 2014 everything is just fucking nifty. I call  TOTAL bullshit. Sorry, not Sorry.

The  Teacher was  doing her fucking job,  at about $100k a year with Union Benefits/Protection (and probably getting railed by at least one male student in the cloak room), the girl with the ‘tech startup’ did  so  with a ‘Minority Loan’ from the Feds that will  ultimately cost her over $747,000 in usurpatous interest loans over 20 fucking years. That Farmer who saw  unprecedented profits from his yields…yeah…that cocksucker sold Soy, to fucking China, Russia, North Korea and dare I say  it, ‘sold’ it to the great US of A at half  market value. Fucking Great.. Those lowest unemployment rates…are calculated over the last five  years on purpose – because otherwise they would be  triple any figure they’ve ever been since the Great Depression. Empirical Data is a marvelous thing when there are over 30,  yes,  THIRTY actuaries in the employ of the West Wing Spin Machine whose sole purpose is to make data corroborate the bullshit being flung from the Oval  Office like  an infant with its hands in its diaper. And let us  all not forget the last time we  depended on our own oil. Jimmy Carter was  in the Oval  Office taking it dry up  the ass  while regular folks waited in lines for 10 or 12 hours for only a limited 5 or 6 gallons of gas.  He  wished he was  back on the peanut farm then, I guaranfuckingtee it. AND….I personally, just me,  living in my  heavily fortified cabin nestled in the woods south of Boston, know at least 10 fucking young men and women who are in harm’s way  in this Nation’s Military RIGHT  FUCKING  NOW!!! I’ve been to 2 funerals for war dead in 2 years, kids I knew & worked with….but Oh,  All of Sudden, Wars Over…because the Feds and Barack say  so?  No  Fucking Way.  I call  Bullshit…again. The  CIA, NSA, FBI, Military Industrial Complex, DARPA…even fucking UNICEF  has  sooo much riding on America being in a conflict ANYWHERE.  As it stands now the Nation will  come to a screeching halt economically, socially and fucking morally (if it ever was) if at any time in the near future poor young bastards born on Home Soil  are not somewhere fighting someone. Mind you,  Not defending the nation, not fighting for freedom or democracy, no furtherance of any justifiable cause I can discern from my  research….yet they are fighting, if for no other reason than for the guy  and/or gal  next to them. Because at the end of their day,  that s all they have. And it doesn’t have to be  that way.  As for investment in America…Of Course!! Why  wouldn’t a savvy Warren Buffet type sink his whole nut into the US? The  National Debt has  a bigger Vig than Jimmy the Geek’s Vegas Line on the Patriots Superbowl and I’m highly confident that anyone with half  a clue, access to a laptop and/or a newspaper can tell that the interest rate on national debt to China is beyond fucking insane; enough zero’s to make any Albert Einstein type as  nervous as  a mutherfucker with The  Fear….so why  fucking NOT invest in America? It’s a financially responsible thing to do….fucking DUH.

I am  NOT  anti-American nor am  I anti-Military….in fact quite the opposite…I am  a DIE HARD, GO HARD American Motherfucker. Name Taker, Ass Kicker and all that type horseshit…but, unfortunately, I am  also  anti-bullshit whereas I’m not brain-dead and can fucking read. And therein lies  the entire point of this lengthy montage of gibberish….where the fuck is everyone? Those few  handfuls of animalistic folks are persona non grata…and its they who typically bark, snarl, cry and bellow at the inference of any wrongdoings in the Nation’s Capital, yet the silence is deafening…like a herd of cotton wrapped bison going nowhere and doing nothing. Even the typical skeptics are tapping out, old  school hacks are throwing in the towel and the ‘new’ journalism will  nary print much more than an obligatory box  of inflammatory and/or thought-provoking government stuff because of the indefinite fear they might lose the almighty advertising money. It’s a vicious cycle, no less  so  than the circle of life  in all its kill  or be  killed splendor, but all the same so  fucking important. Does  no one with any clout whatsoever even give  a shit any more? I’ve searched…reached out…grasped at any straw whatsoever that might lead me  to someone, fucking anyone, that could lend a guy  a hand and explain to me  how the fuck are we  supposed to keep going on with our days, the trivial routines, the insanity that is life  – knowing full  well  that the Bastards Who Are In Charge have fucking  run  away with the country.

Thus, Its been a few  months now…have had exactly three responses (out of some 21 odd inquiries sent. Letters, emails, etc).   Unfortunately two were from Congressman’s Aide’s that deferred comment “until more tenured and specific research could be done before proffering an answer”, which to me  essentially means “Fuck Off you impotent fool  and how dare you  question us”.  Maybe I’m wrong. Don’t matter to them.. Therefore the only one single response that remotely make sense is from an old  Political Science Professor of mine at UMASS Boston. He  mailed me  a note from Italy, in response to my  inquiry of how I felt about the SOTUA (essentially most of the above). In his  hand written note it just said:

“Well  Thomas, you  are certainly quite spun up  over all this aren’t you? Apparently the twenty plus years since you  were in my  lectures hasn’t tempered your spirit, that makes me  happy and I’m glad you  haven’t lost your ‘zip’ as  they say.  As for your answer, or plural to that: Answers, I can only offer you  this for now my  friend: “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil;  in it’s worst state, an intolerable one.” – Thomas Paine”. So ponder that a bit and send word if you  get where I’m coming from…”

So….In closing, being accepting of the fact that – for now – it’s indeed a necessary evil, at what point does the intolerable part become so  bad  that its offensive? As I go  off  to ponder that and many many other questions, I offer this quote from a favorite author of mine, because it’s so  insanely right I couldn’t have written anything better if I wanted to.

“Loyalty to the Country, Always.

 “Loyalty to the Government, Only When

 “It Deserves It…”

 Mark Twain

And that  dear  friends  is about as  loud a statement I can think of, bellowed by Mr. Twain; speaking volumes for preservation of Government in our times, preferably through a fucking bullhorn on Pennsylvania Avenue…whilst waiting to get tazed, maced, clubbed or shot by the onslaught of highly trained fuckers whom don’t agree with those of us  that don’t agree. But…Alas…Who The  Fuck Am I Anyhow?

Until Next Time………

I remain, As Always,  Yours in Fear & Loathing,

Thomas X. Foolery, III, D.D




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