Rape of an American Dream

April 4, 2015 Dr. Thomas Foolery D.D. 0

 ….Police Brutality and an Irish Story for any other day except St. Paddy’s. By: Thomas X. Foolery, D.D. As a young boy growing up in Boston I was led to believe that anything is possible. My Grandparents were instrumental in this respect, whereas my Grandfather was a Contractor…built many of […]

Ramblings from the Ole’ Man in a Cabin

March 26, 2015 Dr. Thomas Foolery D.D. 0

Ramblings, Gibberish, Opinions and Editorial Type Bullshit; with Overall Generalized Aversion and Contempt….from an Older Guy who lives in a heavily fortified Cabin…with a cat…and a Doberman. Column I, Volume I Written under constraint by: Thomas X. Foolery  To All Whom The  Bell Tolls: What the fuck is wrong with […]

An Open Letter to Gonzo

March 15, 2015 Dr. Thomas Foolery D.D. 0

By: Thomas Foolery Editor’s note: Gonzo Today was dubbed intellectual property thieves and “vultures” in a recent Facebook post by the Gonzo Foundation, and brutal acts of violence against GT staff members have been proposed in a private social media group due to GT’s publication of some photos and faxes relating […]