Public mutilation.

Black monday 17.11.2014
sensuur 3Today I received a message from a Facebook friend, a dutch painter.

To make this article easier to read I will call him John.
Because he doesn’t want to get into trouble by using his own name.

He’s certainly not paranoid, but It might have been Facebook’s penis recognition software.

John told me that Facebook censored his last work because some people complained about the contents. Facebook reacted with a warning and some lame ass arguments.

If he doesn’t remove the pictures his IP nr will be banned for using Facebook and his name will be registered on the blacklist of social media.

That’s a very social reaction… In other words we have to be cuddle free between the borders and guarded by the rats and snakes.
They take our freedom…

We have to Obey the rules which are written in some agreements.

We don’t have to agree with this, but if we want to use this free form of social media than we better keep our mouths shut.


John: “I make pictures from normal situations in day life and, to be honest, some of this (normal) situations can be shocking for those who can’t handle the truth. And yes I like to provocate a little bit and I love to play tricks with our inner self. After all we are human but still a beast when it comes to eating drinking and fucking. Everybody masturbates, everybody shits, everybody wants to live.

I get my inspiration from this basic ideas and I would not hide them under a layer of black paint or big I think and I believe that an artist has freedom of speech as long as there is no real harm done”

If you want to express real feelings in a painting or poet, story or whatever you have to keep in mind that out there evil spy’s are looking for something to complain chose your friends wisely.

sensuurJohn: (the blurred version)
“if someone feels the need to report me at facebook-control, ’cause my paintings are naked..please control yourself, take a deep breath to find it is only a painting and not real people, having outragiously sex in public..”
Anyway, I thought we were friends..would anyone report a friend?

If you want to say something which is a little bit on the edge.. try to use some secret language only known by your real friends..
But never.. and I mean never go out in public to demonstrate.
Any assemblies or marches in public will be banned and candidates broadcasts on television were subjected to censorship.
The anchorman is telling the truth and we all have to believe.

“Have i gone mad?
im afraid so, but let me tell you something, the best people usualy are.”

“We’re all mad here.”

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

“Off with their heads!”


Why do we share our watching   video’s or photos of people killing other people.. ?? I can not understand that. Do we really deny the fact that we are killing true beauty and praising these nonsense.

Recently I saw some decapitated heads… damned that made me sick and I didn’t even wanted to see the end.

But this video was legally hidden in an advertisement about saving human rights. The same with animal mutilation, “I Don’t like it” But that’s not an option with those advertisements Facebook.
Brainless people beating on  their mouse and say; ” I LIKE IT!! ”

There are seldom complaints and reports to FB.
But as soon there is something related to sex, be it painting or photo some people are so shocked they have to report it.

They don’t want to be associated with friends or pervert artists.

They aren’t concerned about the teenage believers who are watching the sagging show of J.B.. They scream out loud and want to see more. Some of them even commit suicide because they didn’t have the opportunity to get laid with this social puppet master

I have never, never say never heard any complainant from parents who send their daughter’s or girly boys to scenes like that. No most moms are even proud of it. So cute and sweet after all.

Dad is complaining quietly when his son taking the bathroom for making his SWAG looking selfish pictures .

“Off with their heads!”

It is the same with Apple. Apps related to sexual images are not allowed but games where one has to kill as many people as possible are no problem. Apple even advertises them.

But what about the public buildings?

Every hour people are visiting museum to watch the beauty and glory hanging on the walls. They even pay to see it. And when you want to see real porn, everybody can to go to the local bookstore, gas station or tobacco store.

There is porno everywhere and no one seems to care about it until it’s posted on the Facebook timeline.

I understand the fact that sexual contents can be shocking for some people, but they are living in the wrong century. Music clips, songs advertisement and even the car wash promotion. It’s all about sex…
Sex with no contents after all. Sagging Boys, horny girls, Big tits and long dicks..
But there is a really big differences between sexual beauty or porno.

I think that it’s a shame when the work of an artist is censored in the local media and when access to international media is extremely limited. What’s next banning pictures from naked models out drawing books, artistic photography and even biology books.

Maybe we can make blind sketches of naked models so we only see some abstract lines especially no details

Get real


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