Clayton Luce

Clayton Luce

Founding Editor/ Publisher

Clayton L. Luce is a writer and journalist, editor, artist, event producer and multimedia production professional living in Louisville, Kentucky.
He spent 6 years in international public relations for an international NGO and founded Emagyn Production Company and Emagyn Publishing Company which were later combined into Emagyn Media Company, specializing in video production, graphic design, corporate branding and small form publishing.
Clayton is also an activist in the fields of cult abuse and political reform and is also an active supporter of N.O.R.M.L. for marijuana reform legislation.
In 2014 he co-founded GonzoToday with many other like minded individuals as a New Journalism platform to counter the ever omnipotent news and Mainstream Media industry increasingly constrained by private interests, lack of journalistic integrity and the oppression of freedom of the press and artistic expression. He currently serves as executive publisher and a board member of and its social charitable parent organization GonzoToday Group, Inc.

The GonzoToday mission is to advance the promotion and social integrity of the arts and culture as well as to provide a grassroots based affiliate network of artists, galleries, writers, publishing houses, musicians and record companies for the purpose of creating opportunities for artistic expression and ideological freedom and community as an alternative to mainstream outlets/organizations.

In 2015 Clayton was appointed to the GonzoFest Louisville creative production as well as the GrateVille Dead music festival production team. In 2016 he was granted a Kentucky Colonelship by new Kentucky Governor and general Nazi, Matt Bevin, for no apparently good reason at all.

His plans are to flee the country as soon as possible, and never return.

A note from Ralph Steadman

I received an email from Ralph Steadman​ this morning. A pleasant surprise indeed. After scolding Ron Whitehead for introducing him to another Fat American Gabacho on the interweb he went on to give me several answers, but some of them to questions I may have never asked. Among them this pearl:

Meanwhile, check behind yourself before you Vote…..there IS an easy way out!! Don’t vote for Jeb..I would quite like to see a Woman President this time………



Clayton L. Luce

Occult Meaning and History of Valentines Day w/ Clayon L. Luce

So what is Valentines Day? Where did it come from. What kind of terrible fucked up things from long ago do we now emulate in ignorance and bliss?

Modern Valentine named after the Roman Christian Saint Valentine, carrying on the rituals of the old physical Roman Empire into the new spiritual Roman Empire we know today as Catholicism, the mother of the protestant Churches and the religion we now call Christianity whether in orthodox or unorthodox form. Prior to the rebirth of Rome into an international religious institution Valentines day (like all “Christian” holidays) was actually a pagan astrological and fertility ritual based in blood and sacrifice. This day was called Lupercalia from the Latin root “Lupus” meaning “Wolf.”

Well here you go. Happy Valentines Day (and make sure you cover yourself in animal blood and lash her with a bullwhip this year instead of giving her some crummy card in memory of our completely fucked ancestors 😉

I’ll let wikipedia tell you the rest…
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Who made Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

Who made Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?
Ralph Steadman or Hunter Thompson?

In Truth, they told the same story through different ink.

What Fear and Loathing summed up was the Depravity at the Heart of the American Dream. The ugliness behind the True Spirit of America.

What both artists portrayed was the fact that the American Dream could be summed up on the carousel bar in the Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas (on which I have made a few rounds myself.)

The American Dream is Cheap Shit. It is an illusion of the Big Win. The promise of failure to come.

In Truth, the book is a magical collaboration of two men who chose to be honest about what they saw.

Gonzo Today!


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