MORE PICTURES SURFACE: Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph STEADman photos and faxes released!

Recently GonzoToday was contacted by Kevin Simonson of Gonzo publishing fame in regards to his archive of HST material. He said we wanted to start releasing it to the public and I said: OK!!!

Thank you Kevin!

Clayton L. Luce
Editor in Chief, GonzoToday

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Hunter in the Woody Creek Tavern“I took this picture of Hunter in the Woody Creek Tavern moments after he had just lit a smoke bomb for no apparent reason. It wasn’t a very potent smoke bomb but we were both kicked out of the bar about thirty seconds later.

This eventually turned into a nightmarish dilemma for Hunter because at the time he literally ate every meal at the Tavern! We headed back to Owl Farm in the Great Red Shark and Hunter paced in the kitchen for a solid hour and fretted about how long he would he would be banned (this wasn’t the first time he had done the smoke bomb thing). Jennifer (the very legendary assistant…more on her later) called the Tavern around midnight and apologized profusely.

After a few minutes of heartfelt remorse and negotiation a deal was reached. Hunter would only be allowed takeout for the next 48 hours and he had to promise that he wouldn’t light another smoke bomb.”
The Joke

Ralph Steadman’s excellent memoir: “The Joke’s Over: Bruised Memories – Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson and Me”

Sweet AnitaThank you Sweet Anita

SCREWA classic letter I received from Al Goldstein of “SCREW” fame (“the World’s Greatest Newspaper”):
“I know Thompson, K.P., I’ve worked with Thompson, and he’s an extremely dangerous bill of goods”.

PenthousePenthouse was into Gonzo. (Is Penthouse still around?)

Meet & Greet at the University of Nebraska

Meet & Greet at the University of Nebraska.

Live in Person Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

“Live in Person Dr. Hunter S. Thompson”
Presented by K.P. and Mondo Simonson/The Great Red Shark, University of Nebraska, 1990. (Promotional poster, 11″ x 17″)

Great Red Shark

In my SPIN interview I asked Hunter about the Great Red Shark:
“Let’s go to the garage. I’ll show you the convertibles. This is all trouble waiting to happen – two red cars, one a gift from the Mitchell brothers….a new BMW motorcycle, the newest one which will go 140 miles per hour!”

Gonzo's Last Stand

“Gonzo’s Last Stand? The New Aspen Takes Aim at Hunter S. Thompson” (Village Voice). This interview was conducted at Owl Farm (my first foray into the infamous fortified compound).

Gonzo The Art

“Gonzo: The Art”: Ok, this one has a lot to take in. Ralph did a self-portrait in the lower right hand corner and then drew a Hunter monument (complete with the cigarette holder) rising above his signature. Signed: “For Kevin: 11-6-2006”

Generation of Swine

‘Generation of Swine’: “To Kevin: Remember Today’s Pig is Tomorrow’s Bacon. Good luck, HST – Hunter” Signed at the Woody Creek Tavern on 6-4-90.

Fax from Hunter

Fax from Hunter: “Owl Farm, Apr 2, ’90” (Hunter wrote the date sideways to the left of podium).
“Kevin: OK. Thanx for the good page…affidavit coming now.”

Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn. After a pretty lengthy night of drinking and loud tunes (Warren Zevon, Cowboy Junkies, Lou Reed), Hunter inexplicably fires up the John Deere and I watch him push around a few boulders behind Owl Farm as the sun slowly illuminates the United States of America.

business card from the Mitchell Brothers

Hunter’s ‘Night Manager’ business card from the Mitchell Brothers’ O’Farrell Theatre in San Francisco. Hunter gave me this card and a mustard-colored L.L. Bean long-sleeved shirt early one morning at Owl Farm. I’m kind of surprised I made it home with both items. The shirt was too big to wear out in public, though.


An Interview with Hunter S Thompson

“An Interview with Hunter S. Thompson” by Kevin P. Simonson, The Reader


A letter from Ralph


A letter from Ralph: “April 1, ’06 – Dear Kevin: Just finished my book on Hunter called THE JOKE’S OVER. It depressed the hell out of me. Anyway, that’s why I wasn’t in Boston. But the show is now prepared to travel and it’s my work. It may fit in with your plans. Yours, Ralph Steadman”


A fax from Ralph (May 20, ’08). Most of my faxes from Hunter and Ralph were not meant for public consumption. I’ve got a few that are safe to post. Stay tuned…