Fear & Loathing with Colonel Leonard – Part 3

December 7, 2014 Clayton Luce 0

By: Clayton L. Luce “Only broken people have all of the solutions. That’s why no one listens to them until they’re dead.” Just as quickly as the dense wood had begun at the edge of the drainage ditch, it suddenly ended. We had come upon a strange, nightmarish clearing in […]

The 2014 Elections are Over

November 8, 2014 Clayton Luce 0

Drugs, Sex and Forced Sodomy By Clayton L. Luce The Elections are over now, and the vote-pimps have receded back into dark-wet corners and underground bunkers and big pink Cadillac’s, with signs like “VOTE OR DIE” or “I’LL BREAK A LEG FOR THE GOP” crudely taped onto tinted windows. They […]

I am a Stranger Here

November 6, 2014 Clayton Luce 0

I am an alien here. This terrestrial sphere is not my home. This land is not mine. My home is in the bottom of a bottle. I am a stranger here. I am a stranger here. I see all of these faces, and I hate them all for not seeing […]

Fear & Loathing with Colonel Leonard Pt 2

November 6, 2014 Clayton Luce 0

“Somebody once said that DNA moves in mysterious ways.” could hear the drum beating. A strange dark rhythm coming from deep within the mist. My companion had come in full regalia. Full military gear complete with a Winchester Ar-15 assault rifle and a big ugly .45 Smith & Wesson. I […]

Obama and the Death of Fast Cars

May 16, 2008 Clayton Luce 0

This morning President Obama woke up from a long nap deep underground Washington D.C., in a heavily fortified bunker, and pushed a button. Moments later mournful shrieks were heard all over Detroit slums and middle class compounds, and General Motors set an army of heavily armed attorneys into court to […]