It had been three very long hard days . . .

January 10, 2016 Tony-X-Stanton 0

  It’d been three very long hard days, Seventy-two hours of constant stress and looking after my two kids while my girlfriend was away. While she was at a reunion for an old place she worked twenty odd years ago, I was looking forward to a reunion with both my sanity and of […]

Minus Money/Broke

October 29, 2015 Tony-X-Stanton 0

   by Tony X Stanton I walked along with my son, the sun’s rays beating down on my head, somewhat of a rare occurrence in my home town. It often seemed to me that the little town of Consett not far from Durham in England was quite similar to the […]

Fear and Loathing of Intolerance Part 2: Homophobia

September 2, 2015 Tony-X-Stanton 0

by Tony X Stanton Every single person reading this has a perversion of one type or another. Whether you’re male or female, straight, bi-gender or gay, there is always at least one thing that will really turn you on sexually. Every single human on planet earth deviates from the norm […]

The Bisexual Generation

August 18, 2015 Tony-X-Stanton 0

by Tony X Stanton I remember my first day as a single man once more finally living in a place of my own very well.  That night is somewhat more hazy… I had split with my ‘wife’ amicably enough and we were still friends, but after 10-plus years under virtual […]

Fear and Loving in Montreal

July 29, 2015 Tony-X-Stanton 0

By Tony X Stanton I stood on the terrace having a quiet smoke at 11pm with only  6 empty chairs and 3 tables for company.  Standing in the shadows beside a taped off area with a pool that seemed to be full of green slime.  Just being within ten feet […]


July 23, 2015 Tony-X-Stanton 0

By Tony X Stanton art by Josh Chambers  We were playing away rehearsing for a gig that would never happen when Wiggy the bass player started to smell smoke.  As Wiggy normally appeared to be stoned into orbit most times, we ignored him and kept playing…badly.  When the dense smoke […]