Fear and Loathing of Intolerance Part 2: Homophobia

by Tony X Stanton

Every single person reading this has a perversion of one type or another. Whether you’re male or female, straight, bi-gender or gay, there is always at least one thing that will really turn you on sexually. Every single human on planet earth deviates from the norm in one way or another, thus making us all perverted in one shape or form. As I’m a straight guy, I’m going to approach this from that point of view.

If you are a straight male you may find that tits the size of barrage balloons turn you on, maybe it’s some S&M, possibly you have a thing for bottoms, or you prefer your women with shaved lady gardens. One guy I know has a thing about long wavy hair. The point of this all being that no matter how hard we try to portray ourselves as normal sexually, the bottom line is there is no normal. Normal only exists as a default imaginary state. We all have at least one thing that sets us apart, that turns us on and excites us in the bedroom…or the shower…or on top of a car…or behind the nearest bus shelter…

This is also why I find it so odd that homophobia exists at all. I have a trope that I’ve trotted out so many times in conversation that if I had an english pound for every time, I’d be a very rich man. That trope is that I have no interest whatsoever in what you do in your bedroom. I dont care if you tie up your other half and then invite the entire English rugby team in for a go. That’s your business, and as long as it’s legal and nobody’s getting hurt and all parties agree, what the hell interest should it be to me or anyone else? It is no one’s business (or shouldn’t be) apart from those involved. I know a fair few people that fall outside of the ‘straight’ area of the sexual spectrum, some I’m related to, some have been work mates and some are damn good friends. They are not lesser people because they prefer something else in the bedroom.

They are goddamn human beings just like us! heterosexual males often have a rather confusing logical standpoint on people who are gay. Women from the People’s Republic of Lesbania are deemed perfectly fine and often the focus of more than a few porn movies that many straight guys love. Although, to be fair, these are often as far from reality as the typical straight male on female porn.

But people are allowed their fantasies, and they can inspire us out of sexual boredom. A seemingly large percentage of straight men have a penchant for anal sex, or so information would have us believe, and that seems on the increase. It’s deemed fine by the vast majority of people to stick a cock up a woman’s ‘back door’ but should you dare to want to stick it up a bloke’s backside all hell breaks loose! Suddenly a stream of insulting terms and names spring forth to describe such people.

How does this make any logical sense? So lets get this “straight”…. It’s deemed ok to be turned on by a woman’s arse, it’s deemed ok to do it doggy style, it’s deemed ok by most, it seems, to indulge in anal sex, it’s deemed fine to watch videos of two women going at it, but it is not deemed fine to do the same things with another man or to watch videos of two men?

It seems that there is a fine line between acceptable sexual preference and ‘you are an evil dirty pervert!’ I’m sorry but that makes no sense. There are a whole host of things that don’t turn me on, but I don’t go and fucking vilify people who may like them. Would anyone support an attitude where doing it doggy style was illegal or ‘evil’?

Why is it that homophobia inspires some to truly terrible violent acts? Not all of it can be put down to religious intolerance or people trying to distract others from their own sexuality. Where does this violent urge to hurt others simply because they want to stick Mr Floppy into a different sort of hole come from? How much of it is learned behaviour from our families growing up and our peers?

There are a great many things I find offensive, I do not, however, go hunting out people who do these things so I can give them a good kicking. I believe in live and let live. You like the stuff you like and I like the stuff I like. As I mentioned in my last “Intolerance” article, human beings tend to dislike people who are different and stick out from the crowd. In the same way that people of other religions or races are often the subject of all sorts of discrimination, those that dare to fall into a smaller sexual preference group become targets themselves.

Homosexuality is often treated like it’s a disease to be cured or something you can catch if you hang around people who are anything other than straight. If this were truly the case the sheer amount of gay people I have mixed with over the course of my life would have had some effect on me surely? Some sort of documentable effect would have occurred you’d think. However not once have I been tempted to stick Mr Floppy in any bloke’s backside. My interior decorating skills have remained as terrible and unchanged as ever, and my fashion sense the same as it was when I was 18.

Maybe it’s just more than a wee bit unhealthy to take an in-depth interest in what someone does in the bedroom and in what way they do it. I wouldn’t go up to a mate and ask which position he screwed his girlfriend in last night and then kick the almighty crap out of him if he had dared to do it in anything other than the missionary position. Why should I be intolerant towards someone who simply prefers the same-sex as themselves? The bottom line is, the hole itself is unimportant. Surely if two people get together and it makes them both happy (even if it’s only for a single night) and both parties are in agreement, who the hell am I to judge?

The greatest tragedy to me is those people unlucky enough to have been born in the wrong body. I simply can’t process how that must feel, living life in a body that always feels wrong. The gender reassignment surgery is incredibly painful and not something anyone would go through just for shits and giggles or as a lifestyle choice. Anyone who is prepared to go through something like that just to feel as normal as others gets my god damned respect!

We have to be careful once again not to generalize about sexuality and not see it as black and white, good or bad thing. We also have bisexuals who find both sexes attractive. Does that make them more normal or acceptable to those judgemental arseholes who go around victimizing gay people? What’s the point scale on this? is it plus 90 points of being gay, plus 30 points for being bisexual and minus 20 points if you’re a lesbian? Who works out what’s acceptable and what’s not? Isnt it a little too close to the Nazi’s attitudes during WWII?   But of course people whose sexuality is other than straight often have a very hard time of it. Imagine, if you could, never bringing a partner home to meet your parents for fear both of you would get a good kicking and thrown out of the house. Imagine if just because you like a blow job or a 69 you could end up homeless.  Imagine if a little light bondage could end up with you getting knifed in a back alley. Pick your perversion…we all have one.

I have a theory, one I hope is correct in the long-term, and it all hinges around the internet. The invention of the internet was a massive moment for mankind. The elephant in the room is that it has changed the human race, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Suddenly everyone else, in theory, has to listen to what WE HAVE TO GODDAMNED SAY!

Back when I was in my early teens the idea of a bloke doing anal on a woman was a rare thing and had a fair bit of stigma attached to it. But judging by recent trends in porn movie production this has now changed as we have been exposed to more and more alternative sexual behavior. So in a similar way, what are often termed ‘fringe’ sexual interests such as spanking, bondage etc have seen a massive surge as well. Why?

Well maybe for the first time in human history the internet gives the option of coming across all sorts of things that maybe you didn’t even know you were interested in. Even if you aren’t interested in them, it makes us more tolerant of other people’s sexual interests. So I think in time the same will happen slowly to homosexuality and transgender, it will simply become more and more acceptable. I’d like to think as a species we are too evolved to let unimportant things get in the way of our progress.

Homosexuality isn’t catching. Being around homosexuals won’t corrupt your kids or yourself. So what are we really afraid of?

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