COMMENTARY | On ANTIFA and the Impotence of Violence


CHAOS is the enemy of power. What else does ANTIFA offer, in the perpetuating of confrontation, wallowing in self-righteous indignation, seeing Nazi’s punched, sharing videos, sharing all the same talking points the way the polished Fox following would, knowing their actions grow the Nazi movement?

Why do they do this? Why would a group of people, fully aware, knowing their actions are detrimental to the cause long-term, take these actions anyway?

It is because their agenda is not stopping Nazis. The Nazi threat is their cover. Their aim is the violent overthrow of the system. An end to the white power by creating so much chaos the system collapses.

However, there seems to be a lacking in their study of power. Power does not cede, does not yield, and if taken by force is “meet the new boss same as the old boss” and every time fooled again. The people have never won a war, they have only changed the rules of how they are governed and what slavery is called. (Why do i have to accept the construct of labor as a condition of liberty?)

When they have accomplished their objective, who is going to feed you? The system owns the food system, the energy systems are theirs. They control access. All this will be gone in the chaos and the killing. Your children will grieve in the silence of festering hatred, plotting against those who use violence as law.

Winning a war against the system kills most of the humans remaining in the aftermath. Our species cannot evolve through methods of destruction. We evolve through the creation of new ways, and yes, there is a way. pragmatic and long-term. It just isn’t “their” way, so who really gives a fuck. It is easier to punch a Nazi.

Violence is a sin of the weak.
-Mark James

photo: Mark James