Let’s Talk- “Knowledge vs. Understanding- Keys to Seeing through the Scanner Darkly”

In this episode of “Fireside” the gang talks about the process of human personal development from ignorance to wisdom, how the physical universe demonstrates the metaphysical principles we are subject to, and what our on going evolution may be telling us about our own conceptions of ourselves, each other and the worlds aroud us. What is a knowledgabel fool? What is the ignorance of the wise? Can understanding be transferred through communication? How does experience play a role as a precurser to understanding knowledge and eventually gaining knowledge?

This discussion serves as a baseline for an ongoing series of unformatted audio fireside chats openly discussing the deeper meanings and processes behind the world today, in hopes of expanding positive and productive dialogue, identifying our mistakes, and working together to solve them. We invite anyone to join the chate, whether you agree with us or disagree with us, we want intelligent social dialogue under the elif that the unity of our diversity is the key to the survival of our species, and that truth can only be found by expanding our perspectives, and not by limiting them.