Album Review: Glitoris’ The Disgrace EP


by: Joe Siess


Band: Glitoris

Album: The Disgrace EP

Label: Buttercup Records

Rating: 3.8/5


Before I’d call Glitoris a “band”, I’d call them a phenomena. Their newest single, “Trump Card”, is a kind of a rattling, vengeful, darkly humorous mockery against a shriveling patriarchy, but with a ball busting punk rock twist that makes you want to fuck shit up.

The sheer “audacity” contained in the lyrics, and the symbolism on the video, which can be found on YouTube, is enough to shrivel even the tiniest sorry excuse for a pair of balls dangling between the sad, alienated groins of the most hardened misogynists.

This is not the music for individuals with an kind of warped notion about the importance of their stinking, impotent, phlacid dongs, but might I digress.

It’s true. If you hate women or think it’s ok to “grab pussy” now that the president of the United State is a searing pus filled blister of a degenerate swine, then you should stay away from these girls. Far away. Yes. Glitoris is not for you.

They are outrageous, and as far as I am concerned, are a necessary musical reaction to the bitter backlash of a particularly rabid brand of global sexism and misogyny embodied in Trump’s noisome election.

Anyway, the song is of course an explicit mockery aimed at Donald, but it’s more than just that. Glitoris as a kind of phenomenon is essentially a middle finger to a set of societal norms. Their message however is rather “asexual”. Despite shunting away the societal restrictions placed on women, Glitoris’ music embodies a call to normalize the human body, both male and female. In that sense the music is about a gender equality.

Aside from all that, the girls look like they could be straight out of a punk rock video from the early 90’s. The old school effects on the video and in the sound itself evokes a potent nostalgia. Memories of watching MTV on my parent’s couch after school pop into my head. It’s all rather lovely. But their sound and politically charged message is undoubtedly modern.

And I’ve got a hunch that that’s what they might be going for. Then again I know very little about punk rock aside from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who despite their greatness, aren’t exactly “punk rock”.

But as far as Glitoris goes, the music is damn good. They’ve almost got like this female version of the Clash thing going on. And I love the Clash. But hypothetically speaking, Glitoris is what you get if the Clash were abducted off some dark smokey stage in a seedy part of London, castrated and sent to a penal colony in Australia for lude and licentious behavior ho ho.

When it boils down to the beating core of it all, the video for “Trump Card” is frightening, sexy and hilarious all at the same time. In that regard, I really like Glitoris, and I think their unique style and outspoken manner in how they communicate through their music is exactly what we need these days.

Something outrageous and provocative to give a solid jolt to bigots and misogynists all over the world. A thrashing, bucking tornado of pure musical force that threatens to upend everything you ever assumed about the way we think about gender norms. In a lot of ways their music is what I guess I’d call… post-establishment. It adheres to nothing, but says everything on its raunchy mind. Just like Donald Trump.

The difference between Donald Trump and Glitoris is that while Donald is currently dealing with forces he will never understand, Glitoris taps into it all and shoves it so far up Donald’s ass that it’s just a matter of time before the rubes and their cracked messiah stand in bewilderment.