Or: The chickens have come home to roost


by Mark Linnhoefer

‘Fuck.’ was my first thought as my alarm rang at an atrocious volume. I had set it so I wouldn’t miss the results of this shitfest of an election.

The notion that any vote in essence comes down to choosing between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich, espoused by South Park many years ago, has never been more true than it is today on the 9th of November, the day of the aftermath of the presidential election in this foul year of Our Lord 2016.

We all know what happened. America showed the world today that it is so caught up in a better yesterday, motivated by atavistic regression to a time where white males had all the power and the world seemed safe. In this strife for the values of Old, the epitome of Old & Evil was put in power. And one thing on which I have to agree with Trump’s supporters is that he did, indeed, always speak his mind. And that’s terrifying. I can still hear the media reports from just a few months ago, prophesizing that Trump would somehow pivot to a more “presidential” POV and tone in his speeches, that he would align himself with mainstream beliefs and morals if the time came to be serious… but he never did. He has gotten progressively worse – more outrageous, more hateful – and yet he still got elected.

Much like the days in which the world just silently shook its head looking at that manchild George W. Bush pretending to be able to run a country or wage a war, the world is now again looking down on the US, silently shaking its head: “How could you vote for that guy?”…. Well, we need to get off our high horses as well. Trump is just the, in the typical American way, completely overblown epitome of a sickness that has infested the world. In France, Germany, the Philippines, Austria, Greece, UK, and a host of other nations, the percentage of extremist voters is steadily rising. The entire world is caught up in nostalgia-gone-bad. With Daesh plaguing the world, the economies going down the drain, and a general sense of uneasiness going around, it is only natural that people flock towards those that promise an easy, safe solution for it all. The big talkers, the bigots, those who know how to kindle our fears and make them fester in our hearts.

All of us, collectively, are to blame. Our fucking first-world sense of superiority is being challenged by the very idea that because of terrorism or refugees our decadent ways could be threatened. And when they threaten our comfort, we show our claws – by rushing to elect the xenophobic populists who tell us that our comfort can be bought with other people’s fear, that it can be bought by our hatred of others, by excluding those less fortunate or simply different.

But of all things to hate and blame here, I put it on my Generation. The fucking millennial dipshits who have the right to vote and are not using it. The Voice Of Youth is silent. Only 55% of the American population voted this year, a sad number. And what angers me is those votes that were cast by young people that went to Trump, because it just describes this generation so fucking well – the laziness that thrives on easy, populist solutions, the will to be against anything established, and the urge to be on the fringes of society. Liberal ideas are too mainstream, too established for us young, impressionable idiots. We wanna GRAB THEM BY THE PUSSY! Woo-hoo! We wanna SEND THEM ALL BACK HOME! We wanna BUILD A WALL! We wanna FUCK THEM ALL TO DEATH! We want that juicy, sensationalist crap, we want the screeching drama, the lopsided arguments and shitty judgement. We want to hear about Emails and Pussy, about Bigotry and Dishonesty. Fuck Political Discourse, and bring us Reality TV for the nation’s politics.

Bah. I am sickened by this shit. The world was shown today that noone really gives a fuck anymore. Saying what’s on your mind is the only requirement for the POTUS it seems. Trump is, for better or worse, the logical endpoint of the excessive individualism prevalent in our Western Society where we all just want to be rich & famous because of who we are and not because of what we do. If we take that into consideration, Trump fits this narcissistic era perfectly; let’s just hope he’ll take the next four years to really drive home the point that we should’ve voted for Bernie when we still had the chance.
And, look, I’m not even that mad that it was Trump. I would have written a similar, anger-laden monologue if Clinton had won.

What angers me the most is that this entire election just felt like a bad joke. Like something out of a cartoon movie or a Monty Pythonesque Satire. We’ve had two utterly unacceptable main candidates running, that were too entangled in talking shit about each other to actually talk about their policies. All we know about these people is that one is “the wall bigot” and the other is “the email skank” – and that’s pretty much a summary of this entire election year. Now the wall bigot runs the country and the email skank finally descends back into irrelevance.

This election seemed like a contest fifth graders would hold – who can discredit their opponent in the most scandalous and news-worthy way possible? To me that seemed to be the main issue, and the results just underline that – the guy who was most outrageous won.

Both of these fucking degenerate pieces of shit did things and unleashed scandals of Watergate-worthy proportions, and yet neither of them was indicted or even in serious peril of losing the candidacy – one of them is now president! Even fucking Nixon & Cheney would have looked at this year’s election and said “This has gone too far. We’re evil, but we do have some moral fiber left in our bodies. Let’s discard both those idiots and start over.”

But alas – scandal, drama, excitement, narcissism, and edginess is what people are apparently looking for in a presidential race. And that’s what they got. Alea jacta est, the dice have been cast, and only God knows what will happen now, and only He will be able to help us once shit starts to hit the fan.

We have fucked up. You, Americans, have fucked up nationally, but we as the world have also fucked up globally. This election will pave the way for more populists in other countries, it will pave the way for Yellow-Elections based only on the size of the headlines the candidates can produce. It’s an ungodly mess we have gotten ourselves into. We have proven that we’re too stupid to care about the actual issues. We have shown that we can be manipulated and abused by the simplest mass psychological tricks in the book.

I don’t know who it is that votes for these people – flag-dry-humping bigots drenched in the sweat of their fear for tomorrow, humming the national anthem while fellating a hot dog and sticking the constitution up their asses.

To quote HST “I piss down the throats of these Nazis”. And so do I – Fuck Trump, Fuck Clinton, Fuck Uncle Sam, and Fuck this bullshit farce of an Election!


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