By: Kidman J. Williams

I envy anybody who’s conscience will allow them to vote for a candidate in 2016. Would it matter anyway? If nobody voted, we’d still have a winner. The candidates leave so much to hate this year. We have everything from Trump being a union busting rapist to Clinton pulling off the greatest beating to the legal system ever, beating out O.J. Simpson’s the glove don’t fit defense.

In the beginning of this dancing chicken show, I found myself working at a smaller newspaper in Kentucky under an editor that knew about as much about the newspaper business as Trump knows about politics and Hillary knows about honesty.

103423690-Donald_and_hilary.530x298Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Buckle up buttercup, this piece is going to cover some ground.

The town of Cadiz is a beautiful place filled with great people who just wanted their newspaper to reflect their county and write about things that matter. How many times can you report on the poultry ordinance – the editor was testing it week after week.

She was a glory hound and a design specialist who got the job because she took one journalist class and was the star at her high school newspaper. She would throw out terms like yellow journalism when she was actually talking about a title being sensationalized; that is sensationalism. When I called her out on that mistake, it went over as well as you might think.

When calling out a mistake on an ego that big you want to be careful – those egos have a tendency to explode with hatred and a strong will to club you with that ego.

I was sitting at the office when Trump’s running was made official to the world and all I could think was that this has got to be a joke. He is going to back out like he did before. This is all for publicity for his stupid reality show; until I saw his face. I could read the seriousness in his eyes and the determination in his little duckface.

While I was working in Kentucky I came across a well connected man. A former military man with heavy connections within the system. The old man told me once that “the Russians have a much bigger involvement in what has been going on in this country.”

He explained that they have to do with the tensions in this country. I looked him dead in the face and I forgot about it a bit, while still rattling it in the back of my busy head.

Fast-forward to the current events that have been laid in our laps. We are looking at a world that has many  problems from all directions and we have a Trump vs Clinton presidential race.

We have Hillary Clinton racing to erase her wrongs all over. The obvious payoffs to Google who changed their search engine for Clinton and the possibility that the Russians hold all 30,000 missing emails. Again the Russians who are quite possibly feeding money and artillery to the terrorist efforts.

You scoff, but have the extremists hit Russia or any of their allies? No, no they haven’t. I’m not saying that Putin and the Russians are using Isis, but I might be. There is a possibility that Russia loves all the race wars that Black Lives Matter has been stirring. Are they behind it? No. Of course not. The US is perfectly capable of screwing things up without help, but they could be.

If you watched the RNC and DNC like I have you would have noticed the Republicans getting demonized for being racists, bigots, and overall evil. If you were really watching with an objective eye you would have seen that the Republicans just did their convention while the protests against them raged in the streets. The Liberals were outside of the DNC as well screaming and attacking journalists, and one Black Lives Matter speaker outside yelling that “White people need to go to the back. Get back, get back and all white people you will appropriately take your place in the back of this march.” She continued to incite people and even ordering that white media go to the back and black media come to the front of the march at the DNC in Philadelphia.

In one incident the liberal mobs decided to go after Geraldo Rivera. Why? That upset me almost as much as the “whites to the back” comments. Why would you make Rivera relevant again you rotten bastards?

It makes you wonder who the racists really are.

Though the Republicans haven’t been the victims in this race. There has been a slew of Trump supporters throwing out racist remarks, horrible things about our current President, and even the KKK has been supporting Trump. That doesn’t make Trump a racist, but it does put his followers and campaign in a bad light.

The fix is in though and I fear that nobody understands that. It sure seems like it. Watch more closely and you’ll see it. I see that people don’t understand that they have been pitted against one another. That is very obvious.

I understand being frustrated. I understand frustrations. I’m not immune to it, but when your crowds are attacking people for what candidate they prefer, attacking journalists, and just ignorant to everything and everybody with a different idea that kind of makes you no better than those rotten goat fuckers from Isis. That’s what it makes them and they show it every time I turn on the TV or see a march.

Frustration without a dialogue only leads to violence, destructive behavior, and death. We tell little children to use their big boy and girl words; why can’t adults do the same?

We can only hope as a country that we can actually come together. When Obama came into office I thought he was going to bring people together, it seems like he has done quite the opposite with his two terms. If we can’t come together we can surely kiss this nation good-bye as a real world power and influence in the world.

All I have to say is #WTF2016?!?