GonzoFest expands, hits stride in 6th year


GonzoFest Louisville has been a passion project for Dennie Humphrey for the last six years.

The Monkey Wrench owner has sunk his time, money and reputation into the festival, which celebrates the life and legacy of the late Hunter S. Thompson, a Louisville native and game-changing journalist.

After a major jump in attendance and prestige last year, when 5,000 people came to Waterfront Park, Humphrey said that this year’s festival will be pivotal. It’s April 16 on the Big Four Lawn.

“The jump from 1,000 to 5,000 was huge, and I think this is the year we jump from five to eight, or even 10,” Humphrey said. “Then it turns into a really happening Waterfront Wednesday type of thing, and that’s really where we want it. It doesn’t have to be any bigger than that.”

Humphrey feels good about his year because of two refinements.

The Gonzo Today website is now fully involved in producing GonzoFest, with Gonzo Today publisher Clayton Luce relocated to Louisville and curating a more pervasive literary effort with panels, readings and book signings. Thompson’s son, Juan, will attend to talk about his recent memoir, “Stories I Tell Myself: Growing Up with Hunter S. Thompson,” which has received rave reviews.


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