The Ruin of Saturday Morning Cartoons

By: Kidman J. Williams

I used to love Saturday morning cartoons. I couldn’t wait to wake up, go out into the kitchen and get myself a heaping bowl of Apple Jacks and park my Under Roos clad booty in front of the television to watch all my favorite shows of the time. We all watched Looney Toons, Beetlejuice, Tom and Jerry, and who doesn’t remember The Gummi Bears?

The old cartoons always had something for the adults to enjoy along with their kids so that they could tolerate being in the same room. Even The Muppet Show. Especially The Muppet Show. I once watched a gorilla hump Bunsen’s butt after he sent Beaker back in time.

soul-train-10-greatest-moments-10-12-2013Then alas there was always the end. The first signal was when Saved By the Bell came on because you knew Soul Train was right around the corner to ruin your whole cartoon morning.

What happened to the old insensitive cartoons. Back when you could watch a cat throw a mouse into a sandwich and a dog beat the ever loving Hell out of cat. Good ole Spike. He just didn’t like Tom did he. Tom was kind of a selfish dumpster cat.

If you watch cartoons now verse the cartoons that came on back when we were kids, there is a considerable difference in the scripts.


The Adult Humor is Gone in Cartoons


Take the Flintstones. Iconic cartoon, but it was very much the Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason and Art Carney. There is no doubt. It also contained grown up things and ideas. Fred went to work, he would go on lunch break, he would come home, have dinner, go bowling; at night him and Wilma chilled, probably had a fight, and Fred would get locked out of the house because the domesticated Saber-tooth tiger outsmarted him and locked him out of the house Continue reading


Grateful for Grateville Dead Louisville

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By: Clayton L. Luce
Slideshow and cover photo by: Michael Palmer
Videography by: Steve “Shooter” Russell

They did it again! Those sneaky, dirty hippies converged once more onto the pristine grounds and picturesque vistas of the Louisville Waterfront Park to commence a weekend of drinking, laughing, probably smoking marijuana and playing loud hippy music through giant loudspeakers at 2,000 decibels late into the evening.

1The event occurred at the Brown Forman Amphitheater, although it was reported to GonzoToday that several hippies were also spotted wandering through other areas of the park, some of them bathing in the shitty river and yet others taking cool baths in the temperature controlled fountains of the main lawn. Despite these obscure and terrifying occurrences the festival was reasonably contained and carried out in a highly responsible manner by festival co-founders Ashley Angel and Dennie Humphrey, who might themselves be hippies or some other thing not far removed. Ashley wears dreadlocks and Dennie smiled far too much for your average debt-bound, cash-strapped angry white American. Why was he so happy? And what the hell was Grateville Dead anyway? Well I for one was bound to find out and and so – sweating profusely and fresh out of hash – we headed in to get some sort of usable footage and maybe a coherent story from one of these drunk hippies.

Immediately upon entering the venue I was impressed by the production quality and general cleanliness and pleasant aesthetics of the amphitheater. The built in half arena contained music, which through natural amplification of the amphitheater seemed to be pleasantly reflected back out towards the Ohio River behind the stage and the sound quality from any point in the venue was of the highest quality. Continue reading