Abiding with Rev. Dudely

 Interview with Rev. Dudely Noted of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude 

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last 17 years, or you’re too young, you’ve probably seen the movie “The Big Lebowski”. I have a sweatshirt that I wear quite a bit that says “The Dude Abides” on the front of it, and I get stopped at least 3-4 times a day when I do, from people asking me if it’s from that “Dude” movie. Many people know who The Dude is, but most don’t know that there is a religion (or lack thereof) based on the ideals of Jeff Bridges’ character in the movie.

The practice is called Dudeism. The church is called The Church of the Latter-Day Dude. The Reverend Dudely Noted is one of Dudeism’s more popular priests due to his YouTube channel Dudeism TV and his Facebook page of the same name. Gonzo Today’s own Donnie Casto II sat down with the Reverend this week to get the real scoop on the movement happening within The Church of Latter-Day Dude, comparison’s to the Gonzo ideal, and life in general. Donnie and I are both ordained Dudeist Priests and took great pleasure in working on this interview together. So put on your comfiest bathrobe, jesus creepers with socks, and pour yourself a White Russian. Kick back, abide, and enjoy the ride, man…

-Josh Chambers

Donnie Casto: Let me go ahead and say thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Including myself, there are, I believe, two other ordained Dudeist priests at Gonzo Today. I have some questions put together that you are free to expand on as you wish.

Rev. Dudely: It may be the slowest growing “ism”…but its marvelous, man! And thankee back, Dude! Really dig the whole Gonzo thing.

I read in an article that right now there are more Dudeist priests in Ireland than Catholic priests. In your opinion, what makes Dudeism resonate more there, at the moment’ than here in the states?

Well dude, I am sure that with everybody being so uptight and the powers-that-be are real reactionary, it only makes sense to take ‘er easy and do nothing. It is the only way to really keep things positive. You know, that and well… White Russians.

White Russians and the occasional J. I’m sure some of us can take comfort in that. What exactly is Dudeism, in your own words, and what led you to really begin to identify as a Dudeist?

Fucking A! I tend to take comfort in that myself. You don’t see a Dude blaze a J and go crazy.  I had a real bummer of a stretch. We can all have ‘em, but a coma, failed relationship…it was like the plane crashed into the mountain. So when I was bored I was looking up some Lebowski stuff and saw The Dudely Lama interview on YouTube. This was Fall 2013. And it was far-fucking-out. I just went. “Fuck man, I gotta look into this shit!”.  By February 2014, I decided I was getting ordained and really wanted to help, you know, help Dudes be of their time and place.  In my area of the planet, you cant go marry people or help on a more “ism” like way.

Has Dudeism tied any other beliefs or philosophies you had prior together in your life or has it been the strike in the gutterballs of life that stands alone?

No, it was the whole Tao, Zen Buddhist, Epicurean Jesus combo for me. Added with the whole “Take ‘er easy and Abide” ideal. That really tied my head together. I can relate to pretty much anyone now. Ego is out the door. It’s far out

Bill Hicks, who I personally consider a Dudely saint, who is discussed in various chapters of “The Abide Guide”,  outside of his comedy and political views, what is it about him and, even to a degree, Hunter S. Thompson, that resonates with Dudeism? I mentioned Hicks because your ego comment made me think of his fevered ego bit.

Bill. Man that Dude fucking had it together, man. Hunter, in his own right, also could see the planet for what it is.

Who, in your mind, today is carrying the “proverbial” bowling bag for those Dudely saints who practice Dudeism or those interested in Dudeism, can relate to?

Both, in my mind, were able to dissect the garbage from the flowers, man. Bill was able to relate to people who could be free thinkers. Like Carlin, too. Both have an undeniable understanding of the real world.

I agree 110%. Both were very unique and the man of their time and place in the world. Speaking of Hunter, how would the Dude relate to Hunter S. Thompson and would any tenants of Dudeism apply to him?

Today man?  I think there are some really good Dudes in the actual community. I have really been blown away by the support and ability to welcome those who really just want to, in the parlance of our times, relate and assist while not getting too intense. That is real hard these days, man.

Hunter would have had the vodka and grass.

That is a lot less than The Dude would need to handle. So, I think of the hope. It would work out pretty cool.

In a world gone mad with ego, and the “ism” of race, religion, politics, and such; I agree. We certainly need more people who can resonate the just chill and abide mantra. It’s almost how we need to approach everything. That really keeps your head together. Take a deep breath and stretch the head first.

How has your life and relationship with friends and family benefited from the practice of Dudeism? Any criticism or opposition to your practice and if so, how do you abide through it?

Really, it has been 100% acceptance. Those that know me, and who have for a long time, know I don’t take this mortality that serious. Even if it doesn’t work for them, they abide. That’s probably why it really works. I mean, the YouTube channel was a gift really. A total fucking blessing. Dudeism really does work with me and for the whole. Some think I take it a bit far. Still…it’s cool, it’s cool. They have a laugh. in the end, that really brings joy back to me as well

I think most would concede ‘taking it too far’ has been an example of actions in the Middle East. With the rash of extremism from various sects of religion, how can Dudeist’s help do their part to assist in getting these other beliefs to simply chill, relax, and abide?

I think that there is so much harsh negative shit going on, man, that if it were an actual open mind receiving the information,  “New shit has come to light” type of ideal, then there would be something positive to be gained. But brainwashing and extremism, man, those are things beyond some men. So, you have to be you in your time and place, and hope that the good of mankind kicks into consciousness.

Yea…that about wraps that up I think

Who in the forefront of the world sticks out to you as being a beacon of kickstarting the conscience and goodness of mankind?

You know what is wild? I dig Russell Brand. He has the money, so fuck it. Might as well just spout off and enlighten a few people. I see a lot of Hicks in the tall, wiry Brit.

Anyone in your native Canada or here in the States that comes to mind?

There is a spoken word dude here in Canada named Shane Koyczan. He really fucking gets the whole “humans being” thing. He can really make you take notice. A really bright Dude. I don’t really watch too much TV or read the news…so I just go back to the real Dudes. Like Vonnegut and Hicks and Carlin. No need to be current or even non-fiction to really be connected to this darned human comedy.

Vonnegut, Hicks, and Carlin I very much see elements of the Dude in. Seeing that you are also a parent; how would you say that Dudeism has benefited your parent/child relationship and how could it benefit other parent/child relationships?

The Lil’ Dudes. I love ‘em. They really get how amazing [it is] being calm in the face of growing [up] in this mess of a world. I don’t have to be reactionary to get their attention. No issue is too out of hand. They really are growing into this likeness. The whole bullying and stuff in schools now, are not handled in school. So, Abiding is a BIG TIME deal for us.

Does your special lady share the Dudeism belief? Also, what books are there for parents that you would recommend to help their lil’ Dudes abide in the strikes and gutters of life in school today?

My special lady is who really got my way of spreading the word started, Dude! She said, “Why don’t you spread the word on video”. I take comfort in that. She is cool with all of those things, but she has her own thing going. I can abide. I think “The Abide Guide” really gets things on the right track. It works wonders for the head. I don’t think you need to overthink things. That can really bind things up. Let it flow. Easy and happy. Or you miss it. Life is too good to waste by being uptight. I reinforce those things with the kids everyday. It is intense in schools now. Real hands off. Not my problem. So it has gotta come from home, man

Have your lil’ Dudes watched The Big Lebowski? If so, what was their impression of it?

Oh no, man. They have no frame of reference. It would definitely be like a child walking into the middle of a movie…man! I can’t give that the green light….but the Dudeism thing. They get it. I am very thankful of that.

My kids are the same way. They have an interest in it, mainly from the short clips of the Dude that they have seen, they say I remind them of him. What is the number one cause of suffering in the world today and what can we do, as Dudeist’s, to try and make it better?

People.  No one really cares enough about people, man

Spot on my friend.

It is seriously the number 1 issue today that we don’t care enough. Someone has a problem we can assist and help with. DO it! I think if there was always one person able to help another…fuck man. Human race would succeed.  Not happening though. I think that is why the pessimism of Bukowski and Gonzo were not far fetched. They knew it. They spoke out about it. Only those willing to listen really seemed to apply themselves.

I think the message of abiding, helping, and caring for others has gotten lost in the rat race of rewards in the hereafter. Are there charities or groups that stick out as being Dudeist in nature that abide by Dudeism worth investing or volunteering for?

I act locally, man. Every year I raise money and food for the local food bank’s main warehouse. Which is great, because I too have had to use their services. Pay it forward, help those you can. As a music guy, I also am starting, in the next little while, to help with http://musicandmemory.org/ . They assist Alzheimer patients with a memory inducing music program. It is far-fucking out! Plus, I dabble in whatever I can. When asked, I am cool with it. Most Dudeist Priests are really giving that way. Great bunch of caring Dudes.

I recently lost my grandmother to Alzheimers, I will make sure this cause gets out and about!

It’s terrific man.

 Rev. Dudely, I so appreciate your time and on behalf of Gonzo Today, we thank you. I do have one last question that I am sure many Dudeist and fans of The Big Lebowski want to know. I am sure you’ve seen various rumors of a The Big Lebowski 2 being discussed. Do you think we will ever see a sequel and if so, would you watch it? Some of my friends felt there were elements of the movie that weren’t tied together at the end. Did Walter and the Dude win the match? Will there be a spinoff movie based on The Jesus? How in your opinion should this play out or should the Coens not risk pissing on the rug, as it were?

Well, Dude. I just don’t know. (LMAO) No seriously. There won’t be a The Big Lebowski 2. And proud we are of all of it.So that is wishful thinking man! It is ment to be thought provoking. That creep may roll, but as if they would ever DREAM of beating The Dude and Walter! I mean, it has been known it was a classic fantastic film. Now it is a national treasure, man!

I saw that. I was very pleased to see it get the due recognition it deserves. I agree. I think in the end, one was left to believe based on the final words of the stranger it all tied out nicely.

I like the Idea of John (The Jesus) getting something put together. It would take The Coen Brothers involvement.

Yes exactly.

But I think we should bask in the joy of The Big Lebowski. And take comfort in Dudeism, and Fuck it…lets go bowling

Rev. Dudely, I sincerely appreciate your time for this. I genuinely believe this will be an awesome story/interview. I don’t say this often, but you truly resonate what you believe. I can hear your voice in reading your responses, as if I were listening to your videos.

I really appreciate it, too, Dude! Much obliged. I really dig what’s going on there. That whole critical journalism. I can abide!

I have believed one thing. Always be yourself.


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