September 30, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

For Preventing The Children of Poor People in Ireland From Being A Burden to Their Parents or Country, and For Making Them Beneficial to The Public ”I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a […]

Don’t Do Acid In Public

September 27, 2015 Josh Chambers 0

by Josh Chambers art by Clayton Luce Barreling down Route 2 from Concord, Massachusetts to Boston. Twenty miles. We were headed to the 1999 New England International Auto Show at the Bayside Expo Center. Cruising in my friend’s SUV, we were smoking remarkable amounts of kush, 311’s My Stoney Baby […]

Oblivious in Dubai: Part 1

September 27, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

by J.G. Oblivious art by Josh Chambers There I was. Nineteen, tanned, clean-shaven; business casual. Standing in the hallway of the top floor of a strange hotel, just after midnight in Dubai; pushing the elevator button relentlessly in an effort to speed up my not-so-swift retreat. Flight to Kandahar in […]

Stoned Poet Blues (audio)

September 27, 2015 David Pratt 0

Stoned Poet Blues (with John Coltrane’s “Spiritual”} Recipient of the 2015 Gonzofest Literary Award for Poetry by David Pratt -1- Got them nowhere going, nothing showing, no use crying, even trying, dogsick endtime blues… Listen. I’m out here on the edge wondering what the? fuck to do with myself. Darting […]