Fire on the Mountain

October 2, 2015 Josh Chambers 0

TELEGRAPH FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK To a Small Post-Office in North Conway, NH c/o The Doomed All arrangements have been made. GT has wired over $5,000 to cover the cost of the drugs and a satellite phone / equipment. Our attorneys assure us that all is in place for your […]

Don’t Do Acid In Public

September 27, 2015 Josh Chambers 0

by Josh Chambers art by Clayton Luce Barreling down Route 2 from Concord, Massachusetts to Boston. Twenty miles. We were headed to the 1999 New England International Auto Show at the Bayside Expo Center. Cruising in my friend’s SUV, we were smoking remarkable amounts of kush, 311’s My Stoney Baby […]

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The Entitled Generation?

August 25, 2015 Josh Chambers 0

By Josh Chambers I will laugh in the face of the next person I hear call my generation “the entitled generation”. I see it all too often. The gratuitous I’m-an-asshole-baby-boomer-who-worked-harder-than-you meme on Facebook with a picture of a crying baby saying something to the effect of how we want everything […]

One Dur Who: Defending the Ill!

July 15, 2015 Josh Chambers 0

Interview by Josh Chambers Born in 1985 on the west side of Manchester, New Hampshire.Max Maxwels, better known as One Dur Who, first got into hip hop as a young kid, beatboxing as early as five years old, by then recreating the entrance music to some of his favorite wrestling […]

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Weapon Of Choice: Bea2ooth

June 4, 2015 Josh Chambers 0

By Josh Chambers Bea2ooth is a hip hop producer based out of Manchester, NH who brings the golden era sound of music in his beats. Starting with a keyboard, a drum machine, and a little guidance from a close friend, Bea2ooth has worked his way up, and is currently producing […]