By Barrett Brown; from Rebel News

In 2002, the Pulitzer Prize in the category of commentary was awarded to New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. In 2004, Friedman was made a member of the Pulitzer’s Board of Directors. Our nation is killing itself from within.

Every nation kills itself from within. Each nation’s golden age occurred some 50 years prior, and every such golden age could have gone on forever had it not been brought to an end by some misguided contingent of its own countrymen. A nation’s political enemies are always in control of the state, if only covertly or indirectly; in the modern age, they’ve branched out into the media for good measure.

Crime, you’ll recall, spiraled out of control in the ’70s, increasing exponentially until the federal government ceased to function altogether. Wealthy citizens moved into self-contained enclaves defended by private mercenary armies, while the poor organized themselves into communal military tribes, some seizing territory within the ruined cities, some taking to the highways in order that they might launch raids on the fortified hamlets into which rural Americans had organized themselves out of desperation.

On another occasion, the proliferation of nuclear power plants throughout the United States resulted in the accidental destruction of several major cities. Likewise, the proliferation of evolutionary theory and the decline of Biblical literalism resulted in the inevitable rise of a global government, itself led by a New Age tyrant who demands to be worshiped alongside some unspecified mother goddess.

The sexual revolution led to an epidemic of lesbianism and infanticide. Welfare reform led just as inevitably to mass starvation in the inner cities. The New Deal continued to snowball until 90 percent of the U.S. workforce was digging trenches and putting on Eugene O’Neill plays under the Works Progress Administration. Mega-corporations replaced most remaining national governments in the late ’90s. Everyone is now a crack addict.

Eight hundred thousand years from now, the human race will be divided into two species — one shall live on the surface, and the other beneath the ground. READ FULL ARTICLE

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