Hero Apomixis: Chapter One

August 29, 2015 Charlie Seller 0

Hero Apomixis was written during C.A. Seller’s internment in N.Y. state’s notorious maximum security Attica Correctional Facility. A callous often brutal and humorous combination of reality and madness, this novel is an examination of one man’s decent into insanity.  By C.A. Seller art by Dan Reece CHAPTER 1 Maybe a […]

Fixing the Stupid Epidemic (Fuck Yo Grandma)

August 29, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

by: Dr. Wolfrik Von Frankenstein art by Josh ChambersView Post Science dictates that you are a brain deficient, shortsighted, unintelligent, meaningless moron.  Studies have shown that the human brain is 10 times more likely to be “out to lunch.”  The brain in 2015 needs a reboot.  Retraining a person to have a thought […]