The Marty Ray Project Music Soul Food

By Kidman J. Williams

There is a new beard on the block.  If you haven’t heard of The Marty Ray Project, I’m sure that will change very soon.  He has been making a bit of noise on social media with his soulful renditions of old songs like Ice Ice Baby, Kris Kristofferson’s “Why Me Lord” and a parody song of Meghan Trainor’s “All About that Bass called, “All About That Beard.”

When you see Marty for the first time it takes you aback.  He looks like a Hell’s Angel ready to take down 4 guys by himself, then you hear this angelic sound come from deep within his body and a heavenly calm drapes over your body.

The cover songs that The Marty Ray Project does are no doubt fun, but don’t discount this bands’ original material.  Marty brings a soul that is nothing short of amazing.  When I listen to the song, “It’s Like,” the feeling I get holds the same goose bumps that Otis Redding gives me.  It is nothing but truth and love.

If you are a lover of music this is music that belongs in your collection.  When people speak about music not having the same soul that it used to, you should refer them to The Marty Ray Project.  They have what music needs.  They have the soul, the heartfelt lyrics, and just the overall fun.


Marty Ray Projects’ Ice Ice Baby, originally by Vanilla Ice.

Why Me Lord by The Marty Ray Project, originally by Kris Kristofferson, made famous by the immortal Johnny Cash.


The Marty Ray Project original, It’s Like.


A bonus for all of you Gonzos!  This is One Day/No Woman a cover by Marty Ray Project (written by Matisyahu and Bob Marley)