Naked Interview

William S. Burroughs is one of the greatest writers of our times. His talent has brought him fame, and along with it, many burdens. Daily, Burroughs is swamped with fan mail, unexpected visitors and interview requests…Burroughs, who rarely grants interviews, speaks with Ron Whitehead in an attempt to counter the public’s false speculation about him…Yes, the ticket is exploding. The walls of the literary world, the world of culture, are crumbling, and through the gaping holes strides the drawling wordslinger with an attitude, William Seward Burroughs II:
William S. Burroughs: Hello?
Ron Whitehead: William?
WSB: Yes.Whitehead: Ron Whitehead. 

WSB: Well, well, Ron Whitehead.


Whitehead: How the hell are you?

WSB: How what?


Whitehead: How are you?


WSB: Well, I’m fine, thank you.


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