Clayton Luce

Clayton Luce

Founding Editor/ Publisher

Clayton L. Luce is a writer and journalist, editor, artist, event producer and multimedia production professional living in Louisville, Kentucky.
He spent 6 years in international public relations for an international NGO and founded Emagyn Production Company and Emagyn Publishing Company which were later combined into Emagyn Media Company, specializing in video production, graphic design, corporate branding and small form publishing.
Clayton is also an activist in the fields of cult abuse and political reform and is also an active supporter of N.O.R.M.L. for marijuana reform legislation.
In 2014 he co-founded GonzoToday with many other like minded individuals as a New Journalism platform to counter the ever omnipotent news and Mainstream Media industry increasingly constrained by private interests, lack of journalistic integrity and the oppression of freedom of the press and artistic expression. He currently serves as executive publisher and a board member of and its social charitable parent organization GonzoToday Group, Inc.

The GonzoToday mission is to advance the promotion and social integrity of the arts and culture as well as to provide a grassroots based affiliate network of artists, galleries, writers, publishing houses, musicians and record companies for the purpose of creating opportunities for artistic expression and ideological freedom and community as an alternative to mainstream outlets/organizations.

In 2015 Clayton was appointed to the GonzoFest Louisville creative production as well as the GrateVille Dead music festival production team. In 2016 he was granted a Kentucky Colonelship by new Kentucky Governor and general Nazi, Matt Bevin, for no apparently good reason at all.

His plans are to flee the country as soon as possible, and never return.

Bad Vibrations on the Mountain: Mustard Gas, Riots and the End of Fun

Well the decision has come in… The Bastards have won again.

Around the country the Twitter feeds have exploded and the citizens have run amok through the streets of Ferguson demanding Freedom, Justice and an immediate de-escalation of Tyranny, but to no avail.

The St. Louis police, the National Guard and armed mercenaries have all hit the streets in full riot gear with assault-rifles and tear grenades laced with deadly VX gas- which they hurled at CNN correspondent Chris Cuomo who shouted “This is going to get really bad without gas-masks!” before going completely to tears on national television and fleeing the scene like a wounded giraffe “There are a lot of bean-bags being shot!” he screamed as he fled out into the darkness. Continue reading

The 2014 Elections are Over

Drugs, Sex and Forced Sodomy

By Clayton L. Luce

The Elections are over now, and the vote-pimps have receded back into dark-wet corners and underground bunkers and big pink Cadillac’s, with signs like “VOTE OR DIE” or “I’LL BREAK A LEG FOR THE GOP” crudely taped onto tinted windows. They are silent for now, licking their wounds and sleeping off victory hangovers.

The winners won big this year and the losers lost bigger. Continue reading

GT Flashback Nov. 2014: Fear & Loathing with Colonel Leonard Pt 1

“Somebody once said that DNA moves in mysterious ways.”


Dear Stockton,

I know that as of late our recollections have been hazy and perhaps it is from too many years of abusing our bodies and minds or maybe it’s just the government. All that I can say for sure about these past few years is that something has gone very wrong. There are strange rumblings in the desert and there is nothing good coming out of the news.

A close friend of mine described it as a Darkness and I would tend to agree.

There is a Dark Stain growing in the White House with veins and tendrils that creep and gnarl across the front lawn and down into strange pits in the earth under Pennsylvania Avenue leading towards capitol hill- and spreading out across the city far below the feet of ordinary men. They twist and snake through the sewers and sludge pumping poison deep into the earth and oozing puss into the water supply. The locals can taste it, but no one is saying anything. Everyone seems to be ignoring the vile, pulsating Thing that has laid roots across America with giant feeding tubes and cables leading back to the NSA.

There is a sickness coming, and this God awful nightmare in Washington D.C. may only be the beginning.

Two-Hundred years ago there was life in this land. Pure air, clean and crisp, breathed essence into massive towering and ancient trees and lush prairies. Massive herds of Buffalo roamed the plains and there was balance between man and beast and rock. The mountains produced cold clear water and the rivers ran pure and fresh.

Before the Thing appeared and the stain began to grow. Continue reading

I am a Stranger Here

I am an alien here.
This terrestrial sphere is not my home. This land is not mine.
My home is in the bottom of a bottle.
I am a stranger here.

I am a stranger here.

I see all of these faces, and I hate them all for not seeing me back,
Because I am not born of this place,
This land is not my land….
I am an alien here. Continue reading

Fear & Loathing with Colonel Leonard Pt 2

“Somebody once said that DNA moves in mysterious ways.”

could hear the drum beating. A strange dark rhythm coming from deep within the mist. My companion had come in full regalia. Full military gear complete with a Winchester Ar-15 assault rifle and a big ugly .45 Smith & Wesson. I convinced him to leave the former in the big grey Cadillac, which we had conveniently parked far off the shoulder of the highway, with the headlights off of course. Continue reading

Obama and the Death of Fast Cars

This morning President Obama woke up from a long nap deep underground Washington D.C., in a heavily fortified bunker, and pushed a button. Moments later mournful shrieks were heard all over Detroit slums and middle class compounds, and General Motors set an army of heavily armed attorneys into court to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

The Obama Administration announced that this was a “quick get in and get out” strategy on behalf of the United States Treasury Department to nationalize the entire automobile industry and to feed the scraps to greedy hustlers and money pimps in Ivory Palaces around the world.

Among the new owners of the old money GM Corporation are the Canadian Government, the United States Treasury and selected bondholders and gangsters who have already long since fled the country heavily armed and dangerous for more fertile grounds abroad.

Among those left are major transnational corporations all frothing at the mouth to unite the entire Western Hemisphere into an American Union to mimic the feudal European Union which has turned eastern Europe into one giant dictatorship run by hereditary inbred Swine.

I didn’t pay much attention to anything else in the National Press today. The whole spectacle is too terrible to watch.

The entire country has turned into a neo-political circus run by Wizards and devil-worshippers, and Henry Kissinger’s alien half-bred political offspring and vampires. The once proud General Motor Company has been reduced into a beaten-down, 3rd rate “green car” pusher. Long gone are the days of the GTO and Firebird and Chevy muscle cars. Speed and old fashioned Brute Force are no longer acceptable terms in the automobile industry today.