SHORT STORY | The Final Session

October 4, 2017 Ty Reynolds 0

Randall looked down at the broken shoelace on his left sneaker that he had simply tied back in place after unintentionally stretching it too its limits that morning, causing it to snap in his hands. He unconsciously attempted to flex the persistent pain from the fist he had struck his […]

A Polar Bear in Nevada: A Tale of Modern Vegas

September 6, 2017 Gonzo Today 0

by Kennedy Dillinger Whenever I fly over the desert I’m always intrigued by the isolated homes that pepper the flat, brown land. Miles and miles stretch between them, but from above it’s just seconds. One one thousand– two one thousand– they’re gone. I wonder about what people are doing. I […]

Wild Ride with Janis

July 3, 2015 Kyle K. Mann 0

by Kyle K. Mann The fact is, I didn’t know who she was, and she was scary. Back in 1968 I was a bright-eyed lad of 17 with shoulder-length hair and a full, just-grown mustache, which made me look older. I’d gone from weenie punk to fully-fledged Bay Area hipster […]

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Master Mystery:The Magic Show of Life Itself Prt 2

November 26, 2014 Gonzo Today 0

Greetings Gonzo readers, I’ve decided to contributed this to this site by writing down a story based on some life experience of myself. To give form and making reading easier, I will use one post which I will update twice weekly. So this story will grow every week and I don’t […]